Discover the new Stretch HoodELITE by Innova

Higher speed with new hooding technology

Streamline your packaging process with faster stretch hood technology that adapts to your load. The new Stretch Hood Elite allows you to adjust to the height of the load with a unique system that lowers the stretch hood carriage to different heights, adapting to different load formats.


The new Stretch Hood also features a faster film-cutting and sealing system for extra speed at the end of the line.

Total protection for the load

Get total cargo protection with new stretch hood technology that adjusts to the shape of your cargo. The Stretch Hood Elite’s hooding ring features an open design to conform to the cargo’s shape and provides a variety of pallet wrapping finishes.


The new Stretch Hood also features several modular accessories to improve protection, such as the automatic edge protector applicator and the edge rounding system to avoid the risk of film tearing, among others.

Improved maintenance and safety

With the new carriage lowering technology, the new Stretch Hood offers the possibility to perform maintenance at ground level. This reduces maintenance times and production downtime for routine tasks and film changes.


Safety is our priority, which is why our new Stretch Hood model comes with a lowering carriage, safer engine access, safety PLC, and new anti-fall technology for the machine’s moving parts.

Pallet stretch wrapping with less film

The Stretch Hood Elite system uses only the strictly necessary film for stretch hooding but is approved for a wide range of films with lower gauges and maximum stretch capabilities to contain and protect the cargo with less film.


According to Innova’s internal analysis, Stretch Hood Elite saves 40% to 60% in film by using advanced lower-micron Stretch Hood films and Innova’s new hooding technology.

Maximum adaptability to different formats

One of the most important innovations of Innova’s new Stretch Hood is a hooding carriage that can perform the wrapping at various heights. Thus, the Stretch Hood Elite can wrap from a lower height to shorten the load distance or raise the carriage to accommodate higher loads, all within the same flow-wrapping line for different formats.


This allows for faster wrapping speed, less component wear and tear, and a lower margin of error. This feature is highly demanded by companies with loads of different sizes and heights.

More efficient and sustainable packaging technology

The new Stretch Hood is designed with energy-efficient motors and components to minimize energy consumption. In addition, its graceful design also reduces the carbon footprint with a machine footprint of only 11.5 m2.


ELITE is also designed with decentralized electronics for improved maintenance and safety, and a wireless network communication system to reduce component wear and tear.


Datasheet Stretch Hood SH | ELITE

Production capacity: 150 pallets/hour (adaptable to higher speed)
Operational film thickness: 40 - 130 μm / 1,6 - 5 Mils
Maximum acceptable load dimensions: Standard 2.000 x 1.250 mm / 80 x 50 inches (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum acceptable load height: 2,500 mm / 100 inches (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum load weight: 2,000 kg / 4,400 Lb (adaptable to other loads)
Number of reels: 1 to 3 (depending on the customer's needs)
Accessories available: Special conveyor included
Edge protection applicator system
Load edge rounding system
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