The semi-automatic stretch wrapper Cyclone by Innova is one of the most versatile models on the market with a multitude of accessories and complements to adapt to the customer’s needs. It is a turntable pallet wrapping machine with modular accessories that can be added to ensure optimum pallet wrapping.

Which accessories are available for the turntable wrapper?

Reinforcement Roping Device

Pallet Weighting Scale System

PLC Remote Access Connection

Low Profile Access Ramp

Floor Formwork System

Stainless Steel Finish

For all industries

The most versatile turntable wrapper
with accessories and add-ons

Reinforcement Roping Device

The turntable pallet stretch wrapper Cyclone is equipped with a modular kit to add the reinforcement roping system. This turntable pallet wrapping machine is ready to include the roping device, so the customer can have it by default or can add it at a later date. This is one of the few pallet wrapping systems on the market with a modular kit like this one.

The reinforcing rope is an indispensable accessory for many industries to provide greater support and safety in the transport and handling of the load.

Pallet Weighing System

The pallet Weighing Scale system is one of the most demanded accessories of the semi-automatic stretch wrappers. The pallet weighing information is obtained by the PLC control system of the stretch wrapping machine once the pallet has been wrapped.

The weighing scale accessory is included inside the turntable platform for better protection and maintenance.


Remote Access System

This pallet stretch wrapper has its own PLC with worldwide remote access in real time, so that all of our semi-automatic stretch wrappers are accessible from the manufacturing headquarters and Technical Support offices throughout the world. With the Remote Access our engineers can detect and resolve issues as well as perform PLC installations and upgrades. 

This accessory can be obtained at the time of purchase or included upon request.

Low Profile Access Ramp

The low-profile turntable access ramp accessory is ideal for low vehicles or pallet entry by pallet truck.

This accessory consists of a non-slip ramp located on the platform adapted to the access of the pallet truck.

Floor Formwork System

The turntable formwork system is an alternative to the access ramp for pallet access by using a pallet truck. The formwork structure provides extra safety and robustness to a heavy-duty pallet wrapping system. It also serves to integrate more the industrial pallet wrapper into your packaging station.

The formwork consists of the installation of the turntable platform by means of a pit in the ground.

Stainless Steel Finish

The semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper is also available with a Stainless Steel finish for food, cold, wet or corrosive loads. The Stainless Steel industrial wrapping machine has the same features and accessories of a pallet stretch wrapper.

The Stainless Steel finish includes the platform, the wrapping machine column and the mechanical components of the stretch wrapper.

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