The best pallet
packaging system

Discover the Stretch Hood pallet wrapping system, a highly efficient solutions that offers maximum load stability and protection. An innovative technology that applies a tubular film that stretches and adapts to the shape of the load, offering stability and protection.

This innovative pallet wrapping system offers more savings on consumables, faster wrapping speeds, total load protection, safety during transportation, and a top-quality finish that gives added value to your palletized product.


Why choose Stretch Hood technology?

Protect your load from external factors

The Stretch Hood system is the only system that provides total protection and impermeability to the palletized product.


The total protection is achieved with the combination of the hooding itself, which adapts to the dimensions of the load, and the properties of the Stretch Hood film, which is a multilayer film composed mostly of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), being resistant to water, moisture, dust and UV rays.

Save on
packaging costs

The Stretch Hood system offers up to 50% savings on consumables and energy for production.


Unlike other packaging systems, the Stretch Hood only uses the exact amount of film needed to protect the load, reducing waste and excess film. In addition, as it does not require heat energy (or gas installations), it also reduces energy consumption.

Achieve greater stability in transport

With Stretch Hood wrapping, your load is secure and stable to prevent shifting, falling or breakage during transport.

The Stretch Hood film is stretchable and, thanks to the combination of vertical and horizontal contraction forces during stretch hooding, it adapts and holds the load, thus offering greater stability to the pallet.

Streamline your
production process

Stretch Hood is the fastest pallet packaging system, wrapping up to 150 pallets/hour.


The Stretch Hood system performs faster pallet wrapping, doubling the throughput of a shrink hood system and conventional stretch wrappers – which they typically wrap 60 pallets/hour. This is a decisive argument for many companies that decide to further automate and optimize their end-of-line production.

Enhance your brand visibility

The fully transparent hood offers greater visibility of your brand and code readability, adding value to your product.


The Stretch Hood system provides a perfect presentation, with the absence of the typical creases and wrinkles caused by shrink hooding or stretch wrapper. In addition, the optical properties of the Stretch Hood film ensure total transparency and brightness to show the contents of the load.

Easy access to your load

With Stretch Hood film, cutting and removing the packaging is quick and simple.


Stretch Hood’s robust packaging protects palletized goods from intrusion along the distribution chain. It allows easy detection of any damage, such as partial thefts, which could occur on pallets where the stretch wrapper has been used.


Datasheet Stretch Hood

Production capacity: 120 pallets/hour (adaptable to higher speed)
Operational film thickness: 60 - 130 μm / 2,4 - 5 Mils
Maximum acceptable load dimensions: 2,000 x 1,400 mm / 80 x 55 inches (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum acceptable load height: 2,000 mm / 80 inches (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum load weight: 2,000 kg / 4,400 Lb (adaptable to other loads)
Number of reels: 1 to 2 (depending on the customer's needs)
Energy consumption: Low

Stretch Hood Compared to
other packaging systems

Comparison between
Stretch Hood and Shrink Hood System


Stretch Hood uses a tubular film that automatically adapts to the dimensions of the product without the need of heat application.

On the other hand, the heat shrink-wrapping system uses a gas oven to heat and shrink the film at a high temperature so that it adheres to the pallet.

Savings on consumables and energy
Stretch Hood consumes less energy than heat-shrink as it does not use gas and avoids wasting film, using the exact amount required.
Greater safety
The Stretch Hood system does not use any kind of combustion, so that the fire or explosion risks implied by gas installations are eliminated.
Greater adaptability
Stretch Hood wrapping is adaptable to all kinds of loads, including those that can deteriorate from the heat from shrink-wrapping.
Faster packaging
Stretch Hood wraps faster by avoiding the heat shrink-wrapping phase, reaching production levels of 150 pallets/hour instead of the 60 pallets/hour of the shrink-wrapping system.
Improved hooding quality
The finished Stretch Hood-packaged product has a perfect appearance, without creases or wrinkles. In addition, there is no risk that the wrap and the load will adhere to each other.

Comparison between
Stretch Hood and Automatic Wrapping


The Stretch Hood system wraps the pallet using a tubular film that automatically adapts to the product and protects 5 sides of it.

On the other hand, the automatic wrapping system wraps the product using more film, and then a cover is required to protect the top of the load.

Savings on consumables
Stretch Hood implies savings on film use, since the wrapping system requires more wrapping cycles or the use of a cover.
Protection from external factors
The properties of Stretch Hood film offer watertightness and protection of the load against external factors such as wind, dust, UV rays and even moisture and rain.
Transparency and visibility
Stretch Hood packaging is completely transparent, as only one layer is used, allowing greater brand visibility and label legibility.
Any tampering with the load once hooded is easily detectable, as Stretch Hood only requires one film layer with no wrinkles or film accumulation.
Best packaging quality
In addition to offering complete transparency, the Stretch Hood finish is top-quality, avoiding unnecessary plastic or leftovers.
Why use Stretch Hood for my product?
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