One of the most important requirements in the storage and transport of agrofood and horticulture products, such as pellets, fertilizers or animal feed, is that the cargo is totally protected and safe. Innova’s Stretch Hood packaging system is the best solution as it provides total protection against external agents, while reducing costs, consumables and energy.

Packaging systems
for agrifood sector
Stretch Hood,
the packaging system that best protects the bags

Stretch Hood guarantees total protection of the load against factors such as humidity, rain and dust, thanks to the tightness of the wrapping and the characteristics of the Stretch hood film. It also offers big saving in consumables and energy, compared to similar solutions such as the wrapping or shrink-hood systems.

Packaging line for Agro bags

For the agrochemical and horticulture sectors, Innova also offers a complete packaging line connected to the company’s intelligent warehouse. We offer weighing, transport and lifting complements to optimize the end of line production

Why is Stretch Hood
the best bag protection?
Waterproof protection for the agrifood industry

Stretch Hood realiza un enfundado que se adapta y cubre la superficie entera del producto, sellándolo completamente y protegiéndolo así de agentes externos. Además, el film Stretch Hood también incluye propiedades barrera anti lluvia y rayos-UV.

Savings in packaging costs

El sistema Stretch Hood permite reducir hasta un 50% el consumo de consumibles respecto a otras soluciones, como la envolvedora o termoretráctil, al utilizar menos cantidad de film en el enfundado y no necesitar gas para retractilar.

Pallet transport safety

For agri-food products, Stretch Hood offers additional safety and support during handling and transport.  The film stretches and adjusts to the volume of the load, providing additional stability, which is key to complying with transport regulations of goods.

Transparency and brand image

Stretch Hood provides a flawless final packaging for agrifood, which is transparent without creases or wrinkles. This superior quality finish ensures a perfect brand image right through to delivery to the end customer, as well as the legibility of codes and traceability of feed information.

The most sustainable protection for agrifood

A growing concerns of the agrifood industry is the sustainability and care of the environment. Stretch Hood has a lot to contributeto the cause as it reduces CO2 emissions and plastic consumption comparing to other solutions. Innova also recommends recyclable consumables.

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Our Customers in the agriculture and feed sectors
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