Compacting and securing
for pallet transportation

The purpose of the automatic horizontal pallet strapping system is to secure and compact the palletized load. This is why this type of strapping is a must in most packaging lines with boxed products.


Discover Innova’s ETHERNA FH | PRO Automatic Horizontal Strapping machine, acclaimed for its robustness, stability and reliability in the packaging process. It includes a wide range of accessories and complements to ensure the best possible pallet holding during transport.

Why choosing Innova's automatic horizontal strapper?

Robust and safe strapping

Innova’s automatic horizontal strapping machine is one of the most robust on the market with a 4-pillar anti-vibration frame for greater stability during automatic strapping of pallets.


Thanks to this special structure, we guarantee a safer and more secure strapping without incidents.

Load Compaction

Innova’s horizontal pallet strapping machine features an automatic lateral compactor that pre-centers and compacts the load prior to strapping.


Thanks to this system, greater stability is achieved in the transport of the palletized load.

Horizontal load securing

The 4-sided horizontal strapping provides greater load stability as it can strap at different heights for the best lateral holding.


Innova’s pallet strapping machine can strap loads up to 80 in / 2,000 mm and is adapted to large formats with measures of 85 x 60 in / 2,200 x 1,500 mm.

In-house strapping head

The horizontal pallet strapping machine, like all Innova’s automatic strapping solutions, includes the ODEN strapping head with its own technology patented by Innova Group.


This strapping head provides higher performance and precision in industrial strapping, with a system with fewer components, sensorless and lower maintenance.

Vertical edge protector applicator

One of the most popular accessories of Innova’s strapping machine is its automatic vertical edge protector applicator.

Edge protectors ensure the protection of the box from strapping, in addition to offering extra load compaction, joining the boxes, and unifying the load.


Technical Datasheet Horizontal Strapping

Production capacity: 60 pallets /hour
Operating nominal width: Between 3/8" to 1/2″ (9 - 12 mm)
Strapping materials: Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP)
Maximum load dimensions: Standard: 53" x 48" // 1.350 x 1220 mm // Big formats: 87" x 60" // 2.200 x 1.500 mm
Maximum load height: 78 in // 2.000 mm (adaptable to other loads)
Maximum load weight: 4.400 lbs // 2.000 kg (adaptable to other loads)
Strapping head: ODEN strapping head, resistance welded
Strapping uncoiler: Motorized with buffer effect
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