• October 2, 2019
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Edge protector applicator: Ensure maximum holding and protection of your boxes during transport and storage

One of the problems when transporting pallets with heavy boxes is the possible displacement of the load and the breakage of the boxes themselves.  In order to guarantee the maximum support and protection of the product, Innova recommends using the strapping system accompanied by the application of edge protectors or corner protectors. To respond to the growing requirements of the industry, this 2019 we have launched a new automatic application system for edge protectors, with greater robustness and precision, to protect and reinforce the safety of the palletized product of boxes.

Why use edge protectors?

Edge protectors (or corner protectors) are often used to reinforce the edges of the load and protect the material to be strapped. It can be added manually or automatically, by means of an applicator system that places a cardboard protection between the load and the strap.

Advantages of using edge protectors in palletized loads:

  • Its main objective is to protect the boxes from the strapping, avoiding cuts, scratches and delaminating (damage of the cardboard box) and other possible damages caused by the strapping process.
  • It improves the strapping on the load, as achieving higher strap tension and precision. In this way, more compact, secure and safe loads are obtained.
  • It prevents the strap from being pinched between two boxes, providing a uniform strapping surface and a better quality strapping finish.
  • In transport and storage, this system provides maximum support and security for the handling of the load. The edge protectors help to repel and absorb any damage to the corners and sides of the load that may occur during transport.
  • For storage, the edge protectors also increase the stacking resistance of palletized goods.
  • Finally, the edge protectors also serve to give greater uniformity and compactness to the pallet, providing a clean and defined appearance of the product in its transport, storage and exhibition in point-of-purchase displays.
Detail of the Edge protector applicator for Ceramic product

Edge protectors for various types of sectors

Cardboard edge protectors serve a variety of packaging functions, including edge and pallet guarding, pallet load unification, load stability and stacking strength and resistance. This type of protection is therefore recommended for various types of sectors:

  • Ceramic: Tile boxes, a heavy product, require the protection of edge protectors in order not to damage or scratch the product with the strapping.
  • Paper and cardboard sector: Edge protectors are usually applied to boxed paper products or to stacked products, such as cardboard and corrugated stacks.
  • Food sector: In order to protect food boxes during transport and storage, edge protectors are also included before strapping and final packaging.
  • Fruit and vegetable sector: Corner protectors are used to protect fruit and vegetable cardboard packaging.
New Edge Protector Applicator System launched this year by Innova

New Edge Protector Applicator by Innova: robustness and efficiency

In order to respond to the growing needs of our customers for protection, this year we have launched the new version of our automatic Edge Protector Applicator, with our in-house technology and manufacture, which offers greater robustness, efficiency and capacity to adapt to different formats.

We offer two types of applicators complementary to the type of strapping:

  • For the horizontal strapping machine, we include a vertical corner applicator.
  • For the vertical strapping machine, the edge protector applicator is horizontal.
The Edge Protection Applicator Sytem is integrated in the Strapping System

The new applicator can be adapted to different pallet and load formats, according to the dimensions of the product to be strapped. For example, corner protectors can be used on pallets with a minimum height of 600 mm and a minimum width of 800 mm up to larger formats with widths of up to 1400 mm. The standard edge protectors we work with are usually in the range of 450 x 450 mm to 600 x 600 mm, but if you need other measures do not hesitate to consult our technical team.

As a novelty, this applicator also has the possibility of using double tanks of edge protectors to double the autonomy, in this way we manage to optimize the times of the packaging line.

Finally, Innova’s new edge protector applicator is designed to require minimum maintenance, with simple adjustments and low energy consumption, like the rest of the machinery in Innova’s ETHERNA line.

In short, the use of edge protectors to protect the load is a sustainable and safe solution that offers added value to the palletized product in its final presentation. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the applicator system, as well as recommendations on the use of recyclable consumables for strapping systems and edge protectors.



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