• May 15, 2014
  • InnovaTech

Innova incorporates a new compacter into its strapping systems

INNOVA maquinaria presents a new compacting system of palletized loads for the 2014.

Unlike the old compacting system of pallets, the new system of ETHERNA horizontal strapping machine presents an advance on its design, including a second tube for the compacting of each face of the pallet.

In this way, a compacting is done on the top and the bottom of the strap, which suppose a significant improvement of the compacting quality.

The best advantage is distinguished when avoiding the problem of inclination and breaking of the load, because it works on a larger surface. At the moment, INNOVA is the only manufacturer with this kind of compacter, because of this INNOVA is still a reference of the strapping process of end-of-line production.