Innova’s packaging systems have been developed and evolved to meet the specific requirements of the building materials sector and specifically cement.  Our Stretch Hood packaging technology offers total protection and watertightness for bagged cement, as well as savings in consumables and superior final packaging quality.

Packaging systems
for cement and construction
Stretch Hood:
the best protection for cement bags

The Stretch Hood system designed by Innova provides the best final protection for the pallet of cement bags, providing waterproof protection and against other external agents. Thanks to a wrapping that adapts to the dimensions of the load, Stretch Hood can also reduce up to 50% in consumables and energy consumption compared to other solutions, being more sustainable and efficient.

Final packaging line for Cement

We connect the end of the cement line with a high-performance packaging line developed entirely by Innova. Discover which packaging, weighing and transport complements we offer for cement and construction materials.

Why Stretch Hood
for cement protection?
Waterproof: total protection for cement

Not a single drop of rain or moisture reaches the cement product thanks to the Stretch Hood system. The load is completely sealed and watertight and the film itself provides protection against external agents such as rain, humidity, dust and even UV rays.

Savings in consumables and energy

Stretch Hood provides up to 50% savings in consumables and energy compared to other solutions such as wrapping or shrink-hood. It uses a tubular film that fully adapts and protects the load, without the need to add covers or apply extra wrapping turns.

Transparency and wrapping quality

The Stretch Hooder provides total transparency and superior quality to the building materials pallet, without folds or wrinkles. The transparency of the hood provides greater visibility of the brand and legibility of codes, adding value in the delivery of the product.

Additional transport safety

Stretch Hood providers also additional support for the transport of the cement palletised load thanks to the tightness of the hood wrapping. The security, stability and protection of the load is key to comply with international regulations for stowage and transport of goods.

Packaging that protects the environment

Innova’s Stretch Hood also stands out for being the most efficient and sustainable type of packaging system. In addition to reducing the use of plastic and waste, it reduces CO2 emissions. We also recommend recyclable and biodegradable film types.


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