Protect your pallets with heat shrink-wrapping

Thanks to the shrink-wrapping machine, your products can be protected and watertight. This system is comprised of an automatic Shrink-hooder and an oven that shrinks the film at 280ºC, letting it fully adhere to the load.


Advantages of the shrink-hood system

Fully adaptable
to the pallet

Shrink-wrapping fully adapts to the contours and shape of the pallet as the film contracts upon the application of heat.

Securing the load

It also provides a better hold and stabilization of the load for improved pallet handling and transport.

Protected, watertight load

In the shrinking oven, the load becomes fully protected and watertight against external factors such as rain, moisture, dust, and UV rays.

Recommended for order picking

The shrink wrap fully adapts to the load, making it ideal for packaging a diverse array of shapes and sizes, as is the case with order picking and logistics.

Packaging for different
pallet types

Heat-shrinking allows various pallet sizes to be hooded automatically, with the option to include up to 3 reels in order to configure the machine for different sizes.

Automated production

The shrink-hood system also lets you automate and optimize production by packaging up to 60 pallets/hour.


Datasheet Shrink-hood

Production capacity: Up to 60 pallets/hour
Operational film thickness: 80 - 150 μm
Maximum acceptable load dimensions: 1,200 x 1,200 mm (see other dimensions)
Maximum acceptable load height: 1,500 mm (adaptable to maximum dimensions of the customer's load)
Maximum load weight: 2,000 kg (adaptable to other customer loads)
Number of reels: 1 to 2 (depending on the customer's needs)
Burners: 4 x 200 Kw (natural gas)
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