Innova offers packaging systems designed to protect food and beverage products to preserve them in storage and transportation.

    The Stretch Hood wrapping system provides efficiency and sustainability for the food product value chain, enhancing the positive perception by the final consumer.

Packaging systems
for the food industry
Stretch Hood,
maximum transport safety

The Stretch Hood system secures the food cargo during storage and transport using a wrapping that covers the entire palletized product, thus protecting it from external factors such as humidity and dust.

Final packaging line for F&B

Innova’s final packaging line offers packaging and fixing solutions customized to the needs of the food industry. We connect the production line with a complete packaging line with Stretch Hood, strapping complements as well as conveying and lifting solutions, among others.

Why Stretch Hood
to protect food and beverages?
Waterproof protection for food logistics

Stretch Hood wraps the palletized load protecting its 5 sides, using a tubular film with properties to protect it from humidity and dust. This system is ideal to protect non-perishable food products in boxes, bags, cans, carafes, bottles and other containers.

Improved food brand image

Stretch Hood provides the best wrapping quality and transparency as it uses only one layer of film, without folds or plastic waste. In addition to enabling code traceability, it provides recognition and a better image of the food brand to the end consumer.

Food transport safety

Stretch Hood offers additional security for food and beverages transport, as the wrapping provides additional support for the palletized load. The safety, and protection of the load is key to comply with stowage and transport of food regulations.

Savings in pallet packaging costs

The Stretch Hood system reduces the use of consumables by up to 50% compared to other solutions, such as the wrapping machine or shrink-hood, by using less film in the wrapping process and not needing gas for shrinking.

A Wrapping that protects the Earth

Innova’s Stretch Hood stands out for being the most efficient and sustainable pallet packaging system. It makes it possible to reduce the use of plastic and CO2 emissions with highly efficient technologies. We also recommend recyclable and biodegradable film types.

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