One of the most important requirements for the cardboard, paper and cellulose sector is to obtain maximum protection in the storage and transport of its products.

    Innova’s Stretch Hood packaging system provides total a waterproof protection against external agents, with a top quality finish that reduces costs, consumables and energy.

Packaging systems
for the cardboard and paper sector
Stretch Hood,
the best protection for heavy loads

The Stretch Hood system guarantees the total protection of the paper boxes against factors such as humidity, rain and dust, thanks to the Stretch Hood film that completely seals the load with watertightness and UV barrier properties. In addition, this system saves consumables and energy, compared to solutions such as automatic wrapping or thermo-shrink wrapping.

Final packaging line for paper

For paper and cardboard sector, Innova offers a complete packaging line, connected to the company’s intelligent warehouse. We offer extra fastening and strapping, conveying and lifting complements to optimize the end of line production.

Why Stretch Hood
for paper and cellulose industries?
Total waterproof protection

Stretch Hood adapts and covers the entire surface of the product, sealing it and making it watertight against humidity and even rain. In addition, Stretch Hood also includes UV barrier properties to protect the paper or cellulose load in outdoor storage.

Savings in consumables and energy

The Stretch Hooder can reduce the consumption of consumables by up to 50% for the paper industry, compared to other similar systems. Stretch Hood uses less film in the wrapping and does not need gas to shrink-wrap.

Added value and brand image

Stretch Hood provides a transparent packaging, without folds or wrinkles, which conveys a perfect brand image for paper, cellulose or cardboard companies. In addition, the film allows legibility and traceability of codes, for better logistical connectivity.

Additional transport security

Stretch Hood offers additional security in the transport of loads of paper, cellulose and cardboard. The hood stretches and adapts to the volume adding stability and support, key to complying with freight and transport regulations.

Sustainable protection for paper

One of the concerns of the cellulose and paper sectors is a more sustainable industry. Stretch Hood has a lot to bring as it reduces CO2 emissions and plastic consumption compared to other solutions. Innova also recommends recyclable and biodegradable consumables.

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