Versatile and efficient Arm Stretch Wrapping system

The fastest wrapping arm

Innova’s arm wrapping system performs a wrapping cycle in as little as 32 seconds per cycle. It includes a dual carriage option with two wrapping arms for speed and efficiency.

This is a versatile and fast pallet stretch wrapper that adapts to any end-of-line production.

Less Stretch film consumption

The arm wrapper is designed for the lowest film consumption, thanks to its electronic wrapping technology with torque control system. It also allows film pre-stretching up to 400% for film savings.


The new arm stretch wrapper uses the exact amount of stretch film needed according to the pallet load and pallet dimensions.

Faster finish with Rope Tying System

Wrapping finish without film residue thanks to its unique film cutting and tying system.

The Innova automatic stretch wrapper features a proprietary stretch wrapping sealing technology with a twist-tying device. At the end of the cycle, the wrapper applies a rope that seals and ties to secure the stretch wrap. This is a faster and swift system that does not require heating, welding, or gluing to seal at the end of the cycle.

Ultra-high load wrapping

The new arm stretch wrapping machine includes a modular structure and pallet wrapper models available to adapt to different load sizes. It offers the ability to wrap loads from 200 mm to 2,400 mm and more as required.


Its robust 4-pillar structure offers greater stability during wrapping, one of the most sought-after advantages in high-speed production lines.

Load securing and protection accessories

It includes a wide range of accessories to improve wrapping and protection of the final load. In relation to protection, an automatic top cover applicator system can be included to protect from external elements. As a novelty, it also includes an edge protection applicator system prior to wrapping to guarantee the homogeneity of the boxes.


In terms of securing, it has a top press for light or unstable loads, offering greater stability and safety during stretch wrapping.

The most efficient arm wrapping machine

Innova’s arm stretch wrapper is one of the most efficient and sustainable machines on the market, incorporating energy-efficient components and motors.


It also features a lighter model structure, thus reducing the carbon footprint and saving factory space.


Datasheet Automatic Arm Wrapper

Production capacity: Up to 80 pallets/hour
Operational film thickness: 15 - 35 μm
Maximum acceptable load dimensions: 1,300 x 1,250 mm / 51 x 50 inch (large format on request)
Maximum acceptable load height: 2,400 mm / 95 inch (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum load weight: 2,000 kg / 4,400 Lb (adaptable to other customer loads)
Number of reels: 1 to 2 (depending on the customer's needs)
Extras: Higher production system
Cover applicator system on top of load
Top press (pneumatic or scissor) for load securing during wrapping
Lower support for low-weight pallets
Vertical edge protector applicator and modular storage
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