Innova offers the most specialized and advanced packaging solutions for the ceramic sector. In fact, Innova’s final ceramic packaging line covers all the needs and demands of the tile industry and anticipates its requirements and trends thanks to the continuous improvement of our machinery.

Packaging solutions
developed for Ceramics
Stretch Hood:
the best ceramic packaging

The Stretch Hood system is the best solution for the final ceramic packaging as it provides maximum protection with the best wrapping finish. Many customers in the ceramic sector already use Innova’s Stretch Hood solution at their end of line, which has enabled them to optimise their production, save on consumables and improve the presentation of their product.

Strapping and securing systems

Our strapping systems are designed for the securement needs of the ceramic industry. We offer automatic vertical and horizontal pallet strapping, as well as ceramic box strapping.

These also include complements designed for the tile sector such as the vertical and horizontal edge protection applicator, the box compactor or the automatic sealing system among others.

Ceramic securement with the stretch wrapper

For certain ceramic products, we suggest using the automatic wrapping system in the packaging line as a complementary support. The Innova Ring Stretch Wrapper Pallet Wrapper provides a wrapping that conforms to the shape of the ceramic load, ensuring that its contents are handled with care. Additionally, the roping system helps to secure the load.


If you have any questions about how this system can benefit your ceramic products, feel free to ask us.

The most specialized packaging line in ceramics

Our packaging line is designed to meet the specific needs of the ceramic industry and is seamlessly connected for precise operation. Our expert technical team creates customized protection and securing systems for each customer to ensure optimal performance. We also provide a variety of complementary conveyor and lifting solutions tailored to the ceramic production line.

Why Stretch Hood
for the ceramic industry?
Total protection of the ceramic load

The total protection of the load against external agents is one of the priority requirements for the ceramic industry. Stretch Hood is the best solution for the protection of the ceramic pallet, as the properties of the film provide a barrier against humidity, rain, dust or even UV rays for outdoor storage.

Savings in consumables and energy

Stretch Hood is one of the most acclaimed systems in the ceramic industry, providing considerable savings of up to 50% in consumables and energy compared to other solutions such as shrink-hood or wrapping.

Quality finish and brand image

Stretch Hood offers the best finish and quality of final ceramic packaging with full product transparency, no creases or wrinkles. In also provides legibility and traceability of codes, and a greater visibility of the ceramic brand image, adding value to the delivery of the product.

Higher packaging speed

Stretch Hood makes it possible to increase the speed of the final packaging, reaching 150 pallets/hour, twice as many pallets as other systems such as wrapping. This leads to an improvement in logistics delivery times.

Additional stability for transport

The Stretch Hood system further strengthens the stability of the load for handling. With the ideal combination of Stretch Hood and strapping systems, common problems in the transport of ceramic pallets, such as product displacement, falls or package breakage, are avoided.

The most sustainable end-packaging for ceramics

Stretch Hood is the driver of change towards a more sustainable ceramic industry. It contains highly efficient technologies that reduce CO2 emissions, use of plastic, and waste of consumables. In addition, Innova recommends the use of recyclable and biodegradable film for the tile industry.

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