The most reliable system
for box securing

Innova’s automatic box strapping machine stands out for its efficiency, robustness, and ease of use for strapping boxes and packages in the palletizing line.

It offers the most reliable and accurate solution for the automated packaging lines, with resistance welding strapping and maximum precision. It adapts and integrates to the needs of your line with its strapping arch available in various sizes.

Why the Innova Group automatic box strapping machine?

Maximum precision and reliability

With Innova’s box automatic strapping machine, get a more accurate and secure box fixation. This automatic strapping system adjusts the tension of the strap according to the load and adapts to different models of boxes. The industrial strapping is carried out by resistance welding for greater precision and safety.


Using torque control technology, this automatic strapping machine adapts the tension according to the load, from the most fragile to the heaviest.

Available in different sizes

The Innova box strapping machine adapts to your facility and the characteristics of your product. Its structure and strapping frame is available in various sizes to adapt to different box sizes to be strapped.


It can strap from 200 mm wide boxes and packages, up to 1200 mm wide boxes. It also adapts to the strapping of large format boxes without pallets, reaching a strapping height of 1000 mm.

Easy to use and set up

The box strapping machine is entirely automatic and fully integrates and communicates with your end of line. Its PLC is able to program several strapping codes to adapt to different formats and strapping requirements. Thanks to its color touch screen control panel, it is easy and intuitive to use and set up.

In the framework of 4.0 Industry, Innova’s automatic box strapper also provides performance data, consumable life, and usage information that is periodically sent to the customer’s supervisory system.

Strapping safety

The robust structure of the strapping machine with a strapping frame anchored to the floor provides greater stability and safety in the strapping of boxes. The strapping frame is available in different sizes to suit the height of the boxes.

The floor-anchored structure also provides increased strapping speed and safety, reaching up to 10 straps/minute under optimal conditions with the proprietary strapping head technology.

Strapping head with patented technology

The box strapper machine also features Innova’s own Oden strapping head with patented technology. This strapping head stands out for its advanced technological design, with high-quality components, lighter and more compact. It is a sensorless strapping head, with fewer components and greater resistance.


This is a high-performance strapping head with more advanced electronics to offer greater control in the strapping of boxes. Thanks to the torque control system, it adapts the strap to the characteristics of the load (according to size, geometry and resistance). This avoids breakage of the final product due to over-tightening.


Technical Datasheet Box Strapping System

Production capacity: Up to 300 straps/hour
Operating nominal width: Between 3/8" to 1/2″ (9 - 12 mm)
Strapping materials: Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP)
Maximum load width: From 8 to 47 in // 200 to 1200 mm
Maximum load height: 39 in // 1.000 mm (adaptable to other loads)
Strapping head: ODEN strapping head, resistance welded
Strapping uncoiler: Motorized with buffer effect
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