Innova develops pallet packaging systems specialized in the chemical industry, such as Stretch Hood. Products such as polymers, solid powders, minerals, media, additives or petro-chemicals need a total protection of their loads that offers total tightness and security for transport and storage.

Advanced technology
for chemical bags protection
Stretch Hood:
total protection and safety

The Stretch Hood wrapping system specializes in the protection of chemical pallets in either bag or big bag/FIBC format. The Stretch Hooder fully adapts to the load, sealing it against external agents such as rain, humidity, dust, etc. This packaging system uses less film, providing up to 50% savings in consumables and is the most environmentally sustainable.

Customized final packaging line

We connect the chemical production and palletizing line with a final packaging line developed and manufactured entirely by Innova. In addition to offering wrapping solutions for bags and big bags (FIBC), we also include complements for transport, weighing and lifting.

Why does Stretch Hood offer
the best chemical protection?
Waterproof protection packaging

Stretch Hood film provides watertightness and protection against external agents such as humidity, dust and even sun and rain. Using a tubular film, Stretch Hood wraps the entire load without the need to add covers or wrap with additional film.

Savings in packaging costs

Stretch Hood offers big savings in consumables and energy. By using only one layer of stretch hood film that adapts to the load, consumable usage is reduced by up to 50% compared to other solutions such as wrapping or shrink-hood.

Safe Chemical Facility

The Stretch Hood installation is the safest for chemical products as the hooding does not require gas installations for shrink-wrapping as is the case with the shrink-hood system. For the chemical industry this is a decisive advantage for complying with the various safety regulations.

Transparency and brand image

The Stretch Hood packaging system provides total transparency to the wrapped product and superior packaging quality, without creases or wrinkles. In addition to transmitting the brand image of the chemical company, it allows better legibility and traceability of codes.

The most sustainable packaging system

Stretch Hood is the most efficient and sustainable type of pallet packaging system for the chemical industry, with lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and less plastic waste. In addition, we recommend 100% recyclable and biodegradable film.

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Chemical Companies who have trusted Innova
Featured Success Story
Ercros chemical group improves its packaging thanks to Stretch Hood
The Ercros chemical group has once again chosen Innova's Stretch hood technology to optimize its pallet packaging speed, efficiency and final product presentation. Ercros is a leading company in the chemical sector in its different divisions of chlorine derivatives, Intermediate chemistry and pharmacy.
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