Stretch Hood for Chemical Bag products Innova
  • July 12, 2017
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Ercros chemical group improves its packaging thanks to Stretch Hood

INNOVA has completed the assembly of a new facility for the ERCROS industrial group at its headquarters located in Almussafes (Valencia, Spain).  This is the second project undertaken by INNOVA for the Group since at the end of 2015 INNOVA incorporated the Stretch Hood technology to their production plant in Tortosa (Tarragona, Spain).

ERCROS, a leading company in the chemical sector, with chlorine derivatives, intermediate chemicals and pharmacy divisions, has not hesitated to again rely on INNOVA for their end-of-line solutions.

The project at Ercros

The new installation has been carried out at their intermediate chemicals division. ERCROS has gone from wrapping 30 pallets per hour with the retractable system to 60 pallets per hour. To this end, two Stretch Hood technology shrink hooding machines have been installed, allowing the plant to not only gain speed in the packaging process, increase safety (prevention is a priority ERCROS’ policy) and efficiency (ERCROS strives daily to preserve and respect the environment) as well as obtaining a better finish for their pallets, but also the client raised two issues that have also been solved satisfactorily.

Stretch Hood de Innova en Ercros
Stretch Hood line at Ercros’ manufactory

On the one hand, the wide variety of formats they work with, solved by adding two rolls of film to the machine, making it far more versatile in the hooding process, while at the same time preserving total protection of the load. On the other hand, increased safety and, in so far as possible, sealing the palletized load.

Thank you ERCROS, for relying on INNOVA once again!