Why choose Stretch Hood XL?

Wrapping adapted
to the shape of your load

Innova’s large format Stretch Hood adapts to the shape of your load thanks to an open hooding ring technology that is unique in the market.


With this innovative wrapping technology, greater speed and accuracy is achieved in the packaging of large ceramic slabs, glass sheets and other building materials.

Reduce packaging film
and consumables

The Stretch Hood system allows you to reduce packaging consumables and energy by 50% compared to other systems.


Stretch Hood uses just the right amount of film to protect large-format cargo, with no need for extra wrapping or manual labor due to semi-automatic systems. For both standard and XL formats, Stretch Hood is the least film-intensive solution on the market.

Total protection
for large format

Stretch Hood is the system that provides greater impermeability and total protection to large format goods.


By using the highly technical Stretch Hood film and the hooding application itself, the load is totally protected from the top to the base of the pallet. Stretch Hood film is a specialized multilayer film composed of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a material that provides elasticity and resistance to water, dust and, UV rays.

Achieve greater stability
for your XL load

With Stretch Hood, the load on a A Frame or stacked is secure and stable to prevent shifting or breakage during handling and transport.


Thanks to a combination of vertical and horizontal forces, the stretch hood film holds the load in place and adapts to the load’s contours. Stretch Hood thus offers extra stability to large-format goods.

Streamline your production process

Innova’s new Stretch Hood XL system provides one of the fastest packaging for large format goods. Compared to other systems such as shrink wrapping or stretch wrapping, the Innova Stretch Hood can stretch hood 70 pallets/hour of special format thanks to its own stretch hood ring technology.


While the stretch wrapper needs a long cycle time to secure the load, and the shrink wrapper needs an extensive shrinking process, the Stretch Hood can stretch hood the large-format load in less than 2 minutes. A decisive argument for many building materials companies needing to protect their special sized products.

Specialized accessories
for large format

The new Stretch Hood equipment also adapts to the needs of your company with the integration of several accessories specialized in the requirements of the sector:

Special chain conveyor especially for A frame bases.

Vertical edge protection system for corner protection of stacked loads.

Edge rounding system for protruding loads.

High productivity kit for faster packaging production.


Datasheet Stretch Hood SH | PRO XL

Production capacity: 70 pallets/hour (adaptable to higher speed)
Operational film thickness: 60 - 130 μm / 2,4 - 5 Mils
Maximum acceptable load dimensions: 3.600 x 1.250 mm / 140 x 50 inches (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum acceptable load height: 2,000 mm / 80 inches (adaptable to other dimensions)
Maximum load weight: 2,000 kg / 4,400 Lb (adaptable to other loads)
Number of reels: 1 to 3 (depending on the customer's needs)
Accessories available: Special conveyor included
Edge protection applicator system
Load edge rounding system
Why use Stretch Hood for my product?
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