We design the packaging line that best suits your needs for protection and safety in transport and handling. We work with the latest 4.0 communication technologies to fully integrate your production line and logistic flows.

We design the packaging line
that adapts to your needs

Improve final protection

One of the most common objectives of a new Packaging Line is to improve product protection against external agents. Our recommended packaging system for total product protection is the Stretch Hood system, which wraps the product and provides total waterproofing.
Whether stored indoors or outdoors, Stretch Hood protects the load from external agents such as dust, humidity, UV rays, and even rain.


Increase transport securing

Achieving a safer and more stable shipping package is another of the major objectives of a packaging line. Depending on the type of product and format (whether in boxes, bags, containers, etc.) we recommend various securing systems for cargo handling.


We offer diverse systems for load securing such as strapping and wrapping systems and additional complementary systems such as automatic sealing or compacting of bags.


Higher Packaging Production

Our packaging lines are designed to increase the automation of the production plant and meet your needs for higher production.

In the case of the Stretch Hood system, it allows wrapping up to 120 pallets/hour further optimizing line speed. Also, our automatic ring stretch wrapping machine is designed for high production capacity with a double film reel wrapping system.

Connectivity and 4.0 Industry

We design and manufacture a complete automated packaging line project that fully integrates into your existing production line and systems. The line connects to your logistics system, allowing a seamless connection between production, smart warehouse, and shipments.

All our machinery is designed for the 4.0 industry, connected in real-time to management systems. We also offer remote access and performance reporting services.


Which is your objective in the final packaging?
We will custom-design your packaging line

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    Why is Stretch Hood
    the best packaging System?

    How does the Innova's
    packaging line work?

    What are the different elements of the Stretch Hood packaging line?

    The line consists of the Stretch Hood pallet wrapping system plus conveyor solutions, load stabilization, and any extra protection that might be necessary according to the needs of the client.

    How is it integrated into my end-of-line production process?

    For every project, we study the integration with the production line in detail: measurements, space, control and automation systems, etc. The Innova engineering team evaluates and designs the packaging line that suits best the needs of the client while always seeking better protection and stability for the product.

    Can I use my own conveyor elements?

    In most cases, we try to make the line as compatible as possible with the existing pallet conveying elements. Our conveyors and lifts adapt to any standard systems used by the client.

    How many elements can I configure with the line?

    All elements can be configured beforehand, depending on the project. We can install a Stretch Hood system plus the corresponding conveyor elements, or a complete line with whatever variety of items that installation requires.

    What are the standard measurements of the packaging line? How much space does it occupy?

    Thanks to the unique, slender design of Innova machinery, the line can be installed in a smaller space than is usually needed.

    What pallet types can the line work with?

    The Stretch Hood line is designed for the most typical pallets from several sectors, such as construction and tiles, chemical, agri-food, etc. The minimum pallet measures we work with are 800 x 600 mm and the maximum are 2000 x 1400 mm, but if you use other measurements, let us know and we will check the viability of the project, commitment-free.

    Can I integrate the packaging line with AGV solutions?

    Yes. In fact, Innova's packaging line is configured for integration with intelligent solutions and Robotics 4.0.

    What automation and PLC systems are compatible with Stretch Hood and the packaging line?

    We offer integration and compatibility with systems such as Omron, Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, and more. Ask us about the compatibility of our system with your business, commitment-free.

    Is the packaging line compatible with Industry 4.0?

    Yes, the line has already been designed for integration with Machinery 4.0. For example, labeling solutions connected directly to your CRM are offered in the line.