We accompany you throughout your packaging project: from the study of your packaging needs, through savings studies and packaging tests, to the design, assembly, commissioning, and start-up of your machinery.
    Our support does not end here, but is continuous with our maintenance plans, technical service and spare parts.

At INNOVA we accompany you throughout your Packaging Project

“In project” Research

the best start to your packaging project

Every packaging project starts with the most important step: We research the best solution, keeping in mind your economical objectives, production improvement, and product protection.

Innova Lab

we test the best packaging solution for your product

Innova Lab is the next phase, where we test and determine which packaging solution fits best your product and needs. Find out more about Innova LAB testing.

We design
the packaging line

that integrates best with your project

Your project is taking virtual shape! In the machinery design phase, our team of engineers designs and integrates our packaging line into your production line.

We manufacture
more than

state-of-the-art technology for your end-of-line

Innova manufactures your packaging line entirely from high-quality parts and advanced technology adapted to Industry 4.0. Find out more about how the custom packaging line works.

and commissioning

your machinery is now ready to use

Our technicians install and set up every detail of your packaging line, including training your technical personnel.

Innova Support

we accompany you throughout the useful life of your machine and beyond

Support is one of the primary pillars of Innova, which is why we offer post-sale service with full technical support, preventive maintenance, replacement parts service, remote-access 24/7 troubleshooting, and much more.

Rely on Innova for the best
Packaging Machinery Project