We respond to the growing demands of the animal feed industry with packaging systems designed for total product protection, safety, and sustainability.


    Learn about the benefits that Innova’s Stretch Hood system provides for the pet food industry. Its capacity to provide complete protection, versatility in adapting to different formats, minimal handling, and its commitment to sustainability make it the top choice for pet food companies.

Packaging systems
for Pet food industry
Stretch Hood,
the best protection for Animal feed bags

Looking to maintain the quality, freshness, and hygiene of your animal feed products to the highest degree? Consider utilizing the pallet stretch hood system, which has become a go-to solution for many Pet Food companies. This system provides optimal protection, hygiene, and safety during transport and handling of loads.


The Stretch Hood system is highly efficient in safeguarding the entire load with a single layer of film, shielding it from potential damages caused by humidity, dust, and other external factors. This packaging method reduces the use of plastic, providing sustainability and greater traceability of the food products, thanks to totally transparent packaging.

Food packaging line accessories

Are you looking to upgrade your end-of-line packaging system? Innova specializes in a wide range of systems and accessories for packaging lines. Our products include conveyor systems, connection and elevation systems that can be customized to fit your facility, as well as accessories such as strapping systems to ensure stability of bags and hydraulic presses for FIBC bags.


Share your product protection and installation requirements with us and we will craft the ultimate solution for your animal feed factory.

Why Stretch Hood
for the Pet Food industry?
Total protection for animal feed

The Stretch Hood system uses a specialized high quality multilayer polyethylene film (MLLDPE) that conforms perfectly to the palletized load. By stretching and shrinking to the shape of the goods, it forms a tight and reliable barrier against external elements like moisture, dust, and solar radiation.


This feature is especially critical for animal feed, as it helps maintain product freshness and reduce the risk of damage during transportation, ensuring that it arrives in optimal condition for the end consumer.

Hygiene and product handling

The Stretch Hood system minimizes cargo contact and handling, making it ideal for the pet food industry where hygiene and contamination prevention are top priorities.


By using a single layer of film that completely protects the goods, intrusion of dust and other factors is prevented, unlike other types of packaging such as stretch wrapping, which can present leaks between the layers of film. Additionally, Innova’s Stretch Hood machine is equipped with protection systems and barriers to further improve the hygiene of the hooding process.

Brand image and point-of-sale presentation

Stretch Hood technology can be a game-changer for the pet food industry. This innovative solution provides a significant boost to the branding of pet food products by ensuring that logos and product details are always visible and well-protected from production to point of sale. Thanks to the transparent and wrinkle-free Stretch Hood film, food quality control codes are more legible, which translates into better traceability and enhanced food safety. All in all, Stretch Hood technology is a must-have for pet food companies looking to take their product branding and safety to the next level.


With Stretch Hood, pet food companies can achieve a unique and appealing product presentation, which increases consumer trust, enhances brand recognition, and strengthens their position in the competitive market.

Adaptable to various types of bag formats

Stretch Hood is versatile, adapting to various load sizes, shapes, and bagging materials, making it ideal for the animal feed industry.


The Stretch Hood packaging method is unique because it can easily handle different product heights and formats without needing to change film reels or programming. This means that there is no unnecessary downtime. Even if there are different bag formats and materials that may cause slippage, the Stretch Hood can adjust to the load’s contour by using specialized bag gripping films. This provides better support for the load.

Plastic reduction and sustainability for Pet food

The Stretch Hood system is highly efficient, reducing plastic use by up to 50% and producing less waste than other packaging methods.


Selecting the right packaging system is crucial in today’s world, where waste reduction is of utmost importance. The Stretch Hood film is a highly recommended eco-friendly solution that contains recyclable and recycled plastic components. With PCR recycled component ranging from 30-50%, it significantly reduces the environmental impact while satisfying the growing demands for sustainability in the food industry. It is undoubtedly a step in the right direction towards a sustainable future.

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