The Automatic Ring Pallet Wrapping System has a wide range of accessories and complements to guarantee the optimal pallet wrapping. Innova’s automatic pallet stretch wrapper adapts to the needs of each product and customer, so it features accessories to improve the securing, safety and speed during the pallet wrapping process.

Which accessories does your automatic stretch wrapper need?

Reinforcement roping device

Larger production kit

Automatic Cover Applicator

Top press
to secure the load

Edge Protector Applicator

For all industries

Accesories for theAutomatic Ring Wrapper

Reinforcement Roping Device

The reinforcing roping system is an accessory included as standard on our Automatic Ring stretch Wrapper, although it can be optional if it is not necessary. The roping device provides extra support and securing for industrial wrapping with a similar force to the strapping.

Innova’s cord system is equipped with Torque Control System to ensure responsible use of stretch film in automatic end-of-line packaging.

High Production Kit

The High Production Kit consists of a double reel cart accessory to increase the speed of the industrial wrapping machine. The second reel holder cart ensures a higher production and a superior wrapping quality with the option to program customized wrapping cycles.

The double cart wrapping system on the automatic pallet stretch wrapper enables the packaging of 80 pallets/hour in normal production conditions. It is also controlled by Torque system to economize film usage.

Automatic Cover Applicator System

Innova’ s Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper has a top cover applicator accessory for complete pallet protection. The cover is applied during the automatic wrapping cycle so that the load is protected and sealed on all visible sides. The cover applicator system has its own film reel located next to the rotating stretch wrap ring. 

Top Press Securing System

The top press securing device ensures the hold of the load during the pallet wrapping process. It is a safety system for wrapping light or unstable loads, such as lightweight containers, food or bottles.

The top press applicator comprises a hydraulic system that acts as a holder on the top side of the load.

Edge Protector Applicator

The edge protector applicator add-on is one of the new features of Innova’s automatic wrapping machine for pallets. Thanks to this system, vertical edge protectors can be applied on the loading of boxes to protect their edges from the wrapping application. This is a highly demanded solution in the food, pharmaceutical and ceramics industries.

The edge protector applicator is an accessory with a double edge protector deposit, which is also used in Innova’s Automatic Strapping Systems.


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