• June 7, 2021
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Colorobbia Group unifies its end-of-line in Spain with Innova’s Stretch Hood

The best final packaging finish, total protection against external agents and support for various palletized chemical product formats. These were some of the final packaging objectives that Colorobbia Spain was looking for and which they achieved thanks to Innova Group’s Stretch Hood line.

The renowned chemical group of frits and glazes has relied on Innova for the installation of a new automated packaging line that unifies the entire production of Colorobbia in Spain. The new Stretch Hood packaging line has been recently inaugurated this May 2021 in its production center in Castellón, one of the largest factories in the world of frits, pigments and other products for the ceramic and glass industry.

Colorobbia’s challenge: centralizing its end-of-line systems

Colorobbia was looking to centralize several production lines with very different product formats in a single packaging station. They currently had several automatic automatic wrapping points and with the new packaging project, they wanted to centralize and automate their end-of-line even more. The ultimate goal: to obtain an optimized and standardized process while gaining in quality of the final packaging.

The next objective was to standardize all their pallet packaging with a solution that offers protection and support for the multitude of formats that Colorobbia produces at its factory in Spain: from bags to FIBC, to containers and boxed products. Colorobbia needed to meet requirements for protection of a very diverse production, such as frits, compounds, glazes and colors, among others.

The project: Innova’s Stretch Hood Line

After reviewing the needs of its project, analyzing and testing the different formats and needs for securing and protection, Innova proposed the Stretch Hood system, which can be adapted to various sizes and formats. One of Colorobbia’s main objectives was precisely that all its palletized products should be protected with the same type of packaging.

The packaging installation at Colorobbia España consisted of:

  • Stretch Hood Pro 1 S2 System: The Stretch Hood system manufactured and installed by Innova has two film reels to adapt to all formats required by Colorobbia. Thanks to the stretch hood wrapping that does not damage the chemical product, it protects the entire load, using less film than other solutions such as the stretch wrapping system.
  • Logistic conveying line: The roller conveyor line is designed to support the heavy loads of the palletized chemical product. It has a pallet entry station, a pallet centering station to ensure better stretch hooding, and an exit station for pallet pick-up to the logistics warehouse.

Results: Quality and sustainable final packaging

Colorobbia’s objectives have been met by obtaining flawless wrapping quality for all its formats, in a single central packaging station.

Compared to the previous packaging system, Stretch Hood provides a better finish, protecting the product in its entirety against agents such as dust or rain. It also provides greater security to the product against possible spills and overturned loads, thus giving confidence to its customers that the product will arrive in perfect condition. Hence, their commitment to Innova’s solution.

While improving the brand image of its product, Colorobbia has also managed to significantly reduce the use of plastic in its packaging, contributing to reduce its impact on the environment, in line with its sustainability efforts. The Stretch Hood system uses less film than a single conventional stretch wrapper, with up to 50% less consumables. In the case of Colorobbia’s installation, the film reduction is even greater as the Stretch Hood replaces several wrapping stations in their facility, helping to generate less film waste.

Colorobbia has expressed its satisfaction with the packaging line and the results of its product. For Innova, working with Colorobbia Spain has been a privilege since they are a reference group in the chemical sector with which we share a business philosophy and commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

Thank you Colorobbia for trusting Innova!

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