• May 27, 2019
  • Case Studies
  • Ceramic

Daltile – Mohawk Industries improves and saves on the final packaging of their tiles with Stretch Hood

The Mexican industrial market is focusing on Stretch Hood as the best final packaging solution for its products. An example of this is Daltile of Mexico, belonging to the multinational group Mohawk Industries. The group chose Innova’s Stretch Hood system to protect its pallets at its Distribution Center in Monterrey. Thanks to this solution, they were able to improve the quality and protection of their packaging, in addition to saving on consumables with respect to previous solutions.

1. Daltile’s challenge: saving and improvement in the packaging

Daltile was well aware of the Stretch Hood solution from the Mexican ceramic sector and proposed to Innova its need to improve the quality of the final packaging, in addition to saving compared to the solutions they were using at the time:

On the one hand, they used a thermo-shrink hood system with a higher plastic thickness than the Stretch Hood film and with a significant consumption of gas for shrinking. On the other hand, they also used a semi-automatic rotating plate wrapping system, with a higher film consumption than the Stretch Hood wrapping system.

In fact, the comparison with these systems was decisive for Daltile, as Stretch Hood represents a saving of up to 50% in consumables (in film and gas). In addition, the Stretch Hood system provides them with a single solution for subjection, protection and adaptability to the different load sizes they work with, without the need to use both systems.

2. Innova’s solution: Stretch Hood system to centralize all their packaging.

The Stretch Hood project was carried out at the Distribution Center in Monterrey, from where they centralize all logistics and transport of Daltile’s goods to all Mexico. In fact, the Stretch Hood wrapping system was installed in this location to centralize the final packaging of all the pallets that arrive at the center from its different production plants.

The project consisted of a Stretch Hood Pro1 S2 system with 2 reels of film to meet another of Daltile’s needs: to adapt to the great variety of pallet sizes and formats the company has, and the ones it was unable to pack using systems such as the semi-automatic wrapping machine.

Along with the wrapping system, a transport line was installed with pallet centering, infeed and outfeed roller conveyors for forklift operation and internal conveying.

Another singularity of Daltile’s project has been the customization of the film with colors, according to the requirements of the company for its internal logistics organization. The Stretch Hood film and packaging is prepared for the storage of the pallets inside the logistics centre, providing protection against external agents such as dust or humidity.

3. Results: more than satisfaction with the project

After the installation of Stretch Hood, Daltile has already managed to improve the quality of its product with a system that is providing savings in consumables over their previous solutions.

In fact, Daltile has expressed its satisfaction with the Stretch Hood project carried by Innova and the opportunity to apply it in other production plants. In addition, both the Stretch Hood system and the entire packaging line will bring considerable improvements in the automation of their packaging.

At Innova, we are very proud to work with Daltile and a great group like Mohawk Industries. We continue on the mission of optimizing and improving the Mexican ceramic industry with our final packaging solutions.