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  • May 31, 2022
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Optimize your wrapping with the accessories of Innova’s stretch wrapper

Current trends in the industrial market consist of opting for packaging systems that bring optimization and efficiency to the production line. The increasing demand for both the Stretch Hood and Automatic Stretch Wrapping systems has led to the continuous development of packaging technology and accessories to offer the most up-to-date and complete solutions to customers.

In the case of wrapping systems, whether automatic or semi-automatic, there are several essential complements on which we will focus today in our article.  

Objectives of stretch wrapping and the need for accessories

The reasons for choosing the technology of the automatic stretch wrapper are the superior securing and stability it provides for tall pallets as well as heavy or light pallets.  This packaging system can also be complemented with accessories to achieve greater load compaction and safety in the transport and handling of pallets.

Advantages of Innova’s Automatic Wrapper

Innova’s Automatic Ring Wrapper is a packaging system that wraps the pallet with a double Stretch film reel that allows you to wrap up to 80 pallets/hour. Thanks to its compactness it achieves a high hold and stability for the pallets. This stretch wrapper allows to fully customize the wrapping cycle to offer different types of wrapping and to adapt to different heights, which makes it ideal for picking and logistics loads.

In the case of the heavy weight products, as in the case of ceramic pallets, the wrapping machine performs an extra wrapping to provide greater support.


Accessories of the Automatic Wrapping Machine

For complete optimization of the Innova automatic stretch wrapper, there are several types of accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent add-ons for this end-of-line packaging system.

Reinforcing roping device system

The reinforcing roping accessory is the most common in stretch wrapping systems, as it assists in compaction and stability. The cord provides extra support for pallet wrapping by acting as a load restraint strap, so it can be used as a substitute for strapping to secure the load of special formats.

Our roping device system features torque control technology to reduce the use of stretch film in the application of the rope.

Top cover applicator system

In this type of packaging, the application of a top cover is essential, especially if the objective is to protect the load from external agents or to store the pallets outside. The cover applicator accessory has its own film reel and is applied during the automatic stretch wrapping cycle to cover the top of the load so that it is protected and watertight on all visible sides.

Automatic Ring Wrapping System Cover Applicator Ceramic Pallet Innova Group

High production kit

The High production kit consists of a double reel accessory to increase the speed of the industrial stretch wrapper. This second film coil not only helps in optimizing the production of the stretch wrapper but also ensures higher wrapping quality with the possibility of programming customized cycles.

This system allows the wrapper to handle 80 pallets/hour in normal production conditions, which in turn is controlled by the torque system to economize the use of film.

Top press system

The top press applicator is a safety system used to hold light or unstable loads during wrapping, e.g. lightweight containers, food or beverages, during the stretch wrapping process.

The top press consists of a hydraulic system that acts as a safety stopper on the top face of the load.


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Vertical Edge Protection Applicator

The vertical edge protector applicator system is a novelty in Innova’s automatic stretch wrapper, which few manufacturers currently have. It consists of the application of vertical edge protectors to the sides of the load in order to protect the corners of the product boxes during the wrapping process, especially for those companies that require the final product to arrive in perfect condition to the customer. It is a highly demanded solution in the food, pharmaceutical and ceramics industries.

This accessory is also used in Innova’s automatic strapping systems.

To summarize, both the automatic wrapping machine has a wide range of accessories that serve to complement its features, and, therefore, optimize its performance by adapting it to the customer’s needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information without commitment. Our team will be pleased to advise you.

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