• May 14, 2020
  • Food & Beverages
  • InnovaTech

How to secure the food and beverages load? Key points of the automatic wrapping system

The food industry does not stop, and neither does its transport and logistics, one of the keys to the supply chain and the centrepiece of our economy. The packaging of palletized food cargo has a lot to contribute to the supply chain as it allows the product to reach its destination intact and with the maximum quality. As experts in packaging systems, today we are outlining the keys to the wrapping system to protect and secure food and beverage pallet loads.

How do I choose a wrapping machine to protect my food product?

The wrapping system is one of the preferred solutions for this industry as it provides considerable advantages in terms of load holding and stability, although other alternative solutions such as Stretch Hood stand out for providing extra product protection.

When we talk about wrapping machines we find a multitude of variants, complements and options that will depend on the needs of your company and product:

  • Daily production: for large volumes, automatic wrapping systems are recommended
  • Product features: whether you need extra support with the cord system or not, dimensions and volume, weight, etc.
  • Film savings objective: with film prestreching system, to optimise wrapping.
  • Characteristics of the plant itself: whether the line is automatic or semi-automatic, location of the machine, factory environment, etc.

It is important to consult with packaging experts on the type of wrapping machine that is best suited since the best results from the investment will depend on it.

In this article we present the specific advantages for the food industry offered by an automatic system, such as the Innova automatic ring-wrapper, although many of them can be extrapolated to other similar systems.

The automatic ring wrapper ETHERNA AWR | PRO is a robust and highly efficient machine that allows to automate the end of the food production line optimizing the production and quality of the packaging, as well as saving on consumables.

Discover the Innova wrapping machine in action:

Why an automatic food wrapping machine?

According to the needs of the company and the product, an automatic wrapping machine will be the best choice. This type of wrapping machine is clearly recommended in factories and warehouses with high production or that wish to automate and optimize their packaging processes. Even with companies with low production, the automatic wrapping machine enables them to obtain a higher quality, grip and efficient wrapping, thus reducing the use of film and consumables.

Let’s look at the key points of the automatic ring wrapper for the food and beverages industry:

1. The best answer to high production

The ring-wrapper is one of the fastest on the market. In the case of the Innova system, it also includes a double film carriage, which can wrap 100 pallets/hour, in response to high food production. Reducing packaging times is one of the measures to further optimize the logistics and food supply chain.

2. Automation and film savings are possible

The automatic wrapping machine controls and optimizes the use of film than other types of systems. Innova’s ring wrapper uses only the exact amount of film needed according to the load and dimensions, thanks to its electronic system with torque control, resulting in considerable savings in consumables.

3. Maximum support and stability for the food load

The automatic system can be totally adapted to the volume of the load, by designing an adapted cycle for maximum holding. Thanks to the application of the cord, the ring-wrapper guarantees a better grip and stability.

4. Better wrapping finish for a better presentation

The high-speed ring wrapping offers the highest precision and finish for the food pallet. The ring position control motor provides improved corner wrapping and flawless packaging for a neat presentation.

Why the Innova ring-wrapper?

In addition to the advantages offered by an automatic wrapping system, our ring wrapper also offers other technological advantages that give our customers a plus:

Wireless technology for less maintenance

The wrapping machine is composed of the latest technology like the wireless communication system that reduces wiring and avoids wear and tear on components. In this way we achieve a more efficient and reliable wrapping and a machine with less maintenance.

Highly efficient sustainable technologies

In addition to providing lower film consumption, our ring wrapper is designed with high efficiency technologies to be more sustainable, with lower energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

Optional accessories

Lastly, the Innova ring wrapper includes several fixing and protection accessories according to the needs of the company and the product. Some of these are upper cover applicator, rammer applicator for unstable load holding and lower clamping system for lightweight pallets, among others.

In short, the automatic ring wrapping system offers an efficient and safe solution for food and beverages packaging.

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