Enfundado Stretch Hood para cerámica y construcción
  • March 15, 2018
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Advantages of Stretch Hood for Building & Construction materials

The Stretch Hood wrapping system is a versatile technology that adapts to palletized loads from various sectors. Today we will see its applications in the building and Construction industry, where large brands from the ceramics, fabric manufacturing, and cement sectors already use Stretch Hood on their end-of-line production.

Why Stretch Hood for Building and Construction?

The Stretch Hood technology creates an automatic pallet wrap that perfectly adapts to the size of the load, offering stability for shipment and total protection of the load. The Stretch Hood system is also the fastest for wrapping, completing up to 150 pallets/hour, and consumes up to 50% less film, which means savings and considerable improvement in end-of-line production.

Stretch Hood de Innova para Ceramica
Tiles pallet in the wrapping process with Stretch Hood Technology

What advantages does Stretch Hood offer for construction loads?

What advantages does Stretch Hood offer for construction loads?

1. Save costs: Use fewer consumables and less energy with Stretch Hood

This innovative technology involves less film consumption, with a savings of up to 50% in consumables due to the use of a lighter-weight stretch film with greater stretching capacity. In the case of the all of the machinery also is designed to be energy-saving.

2. Reduce external load damage: Total protection against external factors

The Stretch Hood film offers total protection against external agents. The material is water-resistant, offering greater leak tightness and protection from dust, UV and other weather conditions.

3. Avoid shipping problems: Get a greater load stability

Loads wrapped with Stretch Hood are completely secured and stable for handling. In this way, products shifting or falling, or breakage of the packaging, are avoided.

4. Market your product all the way through final shipping: Completely transparent packing

The Stretch Hood film is completely transparent, so both the brand and other legible elements are completely visible through the plastic. Additionally, the film can be fully personalized with your company logo.

La funda Stretch es completamente transparente
The Stretch Hood packaging is completely transparent

The Stretch Hood system Etherna by Innova specializes in wrapping loads in the construction industry. Several customers already use Innova’s Stretch Hood technology to protect their most valuable merchandise.

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