Come to Pack Expo Las Vegas and discover the ultimate pallet wrapping solution for safeguarding your goods and optimizing expenses!


Say goodbye to transportation losses and damaged products. If you seek a packaging solution that offers enhanced efficiency at reduced costs, look no further.


Innova Group and its US-partner O&C Services Inc will present at Pack Expo Las Vegas the remarkable benefits of the Stretch Hooding wrapping system compared to conventional Stretch Wrapping. Ensure the utmost protection for your precious cargo!


Visit us at Pack Expo during September 11-13, 2023, at booth SL-5903. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to discuss your project without any obligations. We look forward to meeting you!

Customers worldwide rely on our Packaging Systems

Why do we say that Stretch Hood
is the best wrapping technolgy?

Stretch Hooding Vs Stretch Wrapping

Let’s refute the myth that Stretch Wrappers are the best packaging solution. 


Experience the game-changing Stretch Hood, an advanced automatic packaging system that surpasses Stretch Wrapping in terms of protection, film efficiency, and speed capabilities. With the ability to fully wrap the load using just a single layer of film, Stretch Hood provides total protection against external agents, such as rain, UV-rays and dust.

Embraced by multinational companies worldwide, Stretch Hood Technology guarantees efficiency, product protection, and superior finish. With Stretch Hood Technology, shipping losses and/or damaged goods will become a thing of the past.

Full waterproof protection

Have your company goods frequently suffered damages from weather conditions?

Stretch Wrapping, while providing some level of load security, falls short of being fully waterproof due to leaks between film layers and the need for additional cover protection.


In contrast, Stretch Hooding offers comprehensive load protection on all five visible sides. Utilizing a highly advanced Stretch Hood film composed of multilayer polymer (MLldpe) with exceptional barrier properties, it delivers the ultimate defense against extreme weather conditions. Be it rain, snow, humidity, dust, or UV-rays, your goods will be completely “weather-proofed” with Stretch Hooding.

Wrap tightly, use less film

How can Stretch Hood use less film?

Stretch Hood wrapping uses a tubular film that stretches and securely holds the cargo, using only the necessary amount of film for wrapping without any excess, end tails, or additional covers


As per Innova’s internal analysis and cost, Stretch Hood saves between 35% to 50% in film, this is achieved by employing a single layer of Stretch Hood film, which is a technical film with reduced thickness and exceptional stretching properties.

Greater production autonomy in the line

How often do you change Stretch Wrapper film reels?


With Stretch Hood, you’ll experience increased production autonomy, as one reel can wrap up to 1200 pallets, compared to 150-200 pallets with Stretch wrap film.


Many clients change the Stretch Hood reel just once a day, ensuring a highly efficient end-of-line workflow without compromising production.


Stretch Hood in the US

Machine and parts available for you

Worried about the equipment comisioning and spare-parts service in the US?


Don’t be. Unlike other Stretch Hood manufacturers, Innova fully works in the US along with our technical partner O&C Services,  specialist in Industrial and Turnkey Projects.


From O&C Services branches in Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania, we offer technical assistance for packaging projects, local technical support, spare parts service and preventive maintenance.


Your Stretch Hood project is in the best hands.


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