• July 15, 2020
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Argenta Cerámica obtains maximum protection for its large formats loads with the Innova packaging line

How to obtain greater safety in the handling and transport of the ceramic product? How to achieve the total logistical protection of the tile pallet? Grupo Argenta has it clear: the Stretch Hood packaging line provides the maximum grip, safety and protection that their pallet product needs. In fact, Argenta Cerámica has trusted again on Innova Maquinaria’s solutions with a new Stretch Hood packaging line in Factory 1 at Vall d’Alba, a plant specialized in large formats with a high production aimed at export.

The challenge: maximum support and protection

Argenta told us about their need to renew their Shrink-Hood packaging line using the Stretch Hood system from Innova, which they already worked with at their Factory 2 plant in Onda and with which they were very satisfied. Precisely this plant is specialized in large formats, so the Stretch Hood system enables them to adapt to different pallet sizes. In addition, Stretch Hood provides them several advantages over Thermo-shrink, as it is a more advanced, efficient, fast and sustainable system, as it does not use gas combustion and reduces CO2 emissions.

In addition to optimizing its packaging system, Argenta was also looking for a packaging line that offered greater support and stability in transport, so Innova proposed the combination of the horizontal strapping system with the Edge Protection Applicator and the Ring Wrapper system. Our Technical Engineering team recommends the use of these two systems (Wrapping + Strapping) for large or special ceramic formats, in order to achieve a perfect and respectful grip on the ceramic product.

The solution: Innova’s Stretch Hood line

The line installed in Argenta – Factoría 1 includes the following packaging and transport systems in the line’s packaging process order:

1 A two-storey pallet infeed for AGVs and forklifts: The conveyor line facilitates the infeed of pallets through two connections of different production plants, an automatic pallet turntable and a dedicated infeed for AGVs.

Pallet infeed to the packaging line by AGV

2. Horizontal Strapping System with Edge Protection Applicator: The first packaging station is the Automatic Strapping Machine, which first centres the pallet and compacts it, and then performs the strapping. This system also has an Edge protector for certain pallet formats that require special protection of the boxes. The horizontal strapping system provides the pallet with support but also compaction of the load in a block.

Detail of Argenta’s Horizontal Strapping Machine

3. Automatic Ring Wrapping System: The next stop is the Ring Wrapper which in this case is used as a reinforcement system. The wrapping machine provides the ceramic product not only with grip but also with a higher stability since the film adapts more to the load than the strap, wrapping it completely. The application of the cord offers another extra point of subjection, acting as an additional strapping. On top of these advantages, the wrapping system installed in Argenta includes a double carriage, providing greater efficiency and speed in the wrapping to respond to Argenta’s high production.

The Ring Wrapper provides safer and more compact packaging

4. Stretch Hood System Pro 2 – S2: The second last stop is the Stretch Hood wrapping system which provides the final protection to the ceramic pallet with a packaging that adapts and completely seals the product against external factors. The Stretch Hood system installed in Argenta, has been designed to adapt to several different pallet sizes, including large ceramic formats which is the specialty of the plant.

In addition, this Stretch Hood machine has also been designed with a special protection adapted to the factory environment, to protect the wrapped product from air currents and dust.

Argenta’s Stretch Hood system is designed for wrapping large formats

5. Outfeed conveying: Finally, the outfeed of the pallets is equipped with a special square conveying system, also known as a bancalino system, for the frontal collection of pallets by forklifts and AGVs.

The result: Top quality packaging for Argenta

The result for Argenta has been to obtain the most adapted protection to its ceramic formats. With the combination of these different packaging systems Argenta makes sure that their product arrives to the client with the maximum quality: With a packaging designed for the security in the manipulation and transport and a wrapping that protects it of external agents.

Detail of Argenta pallet with final packaging

The change of wrapping system from Shrink Hood wrapping to Stretch Hood, has also helped Argenta to work on its sustainable goals of reducing CO2 emissions and plastics in its commitment to the Environment. The wrapping system installed in the line also has a control of film use by torque control system to reduce to a minimum the plastic used in the packaging.

Argenta has transmitted us its satisfaction with the new installation and its interest to continue working together in future projects. For Innova, this project represents an affirmation of our commitment to Argenta, a group with which we share a philosophy of innovation and sustainability and a vocation for the most human values.