• February 26, 2020
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Esmalglass chooses Stretch Hood by Innova to protect its glazes and frits product

It is becoming increasingly important for the chemical glazes and frits industry to secure their cargo for logistics. Therefore the protection of their loads is key during transport, storage and delivery to their customer. Our customers know this and value it, which is why leading companies such as Esmalglass have chosen the Stretch Hood packaging system by Innova at their end of the line, to obtain greater protection for their product.

Esmalglass is a world reference manufacturer of frits, glazes and ceramic colours belonging to the Esmalglass-Ítaca Group. It has once again trusted Innova’s technology with its first Stretch Hood wrapping system installed in Summer 2019 at its production centre in Vila-real (Spain). In this article we share with you the details of the project:

1. The challenge: To improve the protection of their product

Esmalglass required greater protection for its product destined for export, which accounts for around 80% of its production. At the time they used a wrapping system with rotating arm and application of cover that provided support but not total protection, as it did not completely cover the load. Depending on the destination of the Esmalglass product, it could be damaged during transport or storage under conditions of rain, humidity and even snow, as the wrapping system did not provide the total impermeability it needed.

For this reason, one of the requirements when looking for a solution like Stretch Hood was to obtain the total protection of its chemical product. The Stretch Hood film adapts fully to its load, covering it all the way to the base of the pallet, so that the product is completely waterproof against external agents. 

Chemical FIBC wrapped with Stretch Hood at Esmalglass

In addition, Stretch Hood provides a totally transparent wrapping, without folds or wrinkles, which allows both visibility of the brand and readability and traceability of codes in its logistics management.

2. The solution: Stretch Hood system connected to their intelligent warehouse

In order to meet Esmalglass’ needs, Innova installed a Stretch Hood SH Pro 1 S2 system with a special height for wrapping pallets with double stack of big bags / FIBC. This Stretch Hooder model includes two film reels to adapt to different pallet sizes and formats, including both FIBC and bags.

The Stretch Hood system installed in Esmalglass has been adapted to the end of the existing line with the entry of the product by means of LGV and forklift and its corresponding link to the intelligent warehouse. Innova’s system was connected to Esmalglass’s ERP system allowing a better communication between its end of line and warehouse.

Stretch Hooder by Innova installed at Esmalglass

In order to determine the best possible type of wrapping for Esmalglass, film tests were carried out in our Innova Lab to evaluate the resistance and adaptability of the film to the different pallet sizes and loads, as well as guaranteeing total coverage.

3. The results: protection, visibility and sustainability

By changing the packaging system, Esmalglass has not only obtained a greater protection of its product but has also managed to give greater visibility to the image and brand Esmalglass-Ítaca to the whole world, offering added value in the export of its products.

Pallet finish of superior quality with Stretch Hood

In addition, the new Stretch Hood system enables them to use only the strictly necessary film per wrapping, reducing the consumption of film and obtaining a more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution, one of the main lines of work of the Esmalglass-Ítaca group.

Esmalglass has informed us of its satisfaction with the results of Stretch Hood, the system itself and the technical support received by Innova during the installation and operation of the machinery.

Innova is proud to work together with one of the most prestigious groups in the chemical glazing sector, with which we identify in brand values, sustainability and innovation.

Thank you Esmalglass for trusting in Innova!