• June 26, 2015
  • InnovaTech

Industrial automation: we guarantee the optimum performance of our packaging machines

We are committed to offering top-performance machinery through a constant search for new innovative solutions and the adaptation of cutting-edge technology.

Innova’s customer-oriented team of professionals strives to achieve these goals so as to guarantee smooth-running automated systems, lower waiting times and reduced maintenance costs, taking advantage of the following solutions:

  • New gear reducers. These improve on energy efficiency, simplifying the system and increasing the motors’ useful lives. They incorporate fieldbuses to link up with control systems like Ethernet IP, Profinet or Ethercat.
  • Decentralized systems, adapted through the use of latest generation fieldbuses, like Asi or Asi-safety, and connected by means of Profinet or Ethernet IP. They monitor the whole system from a web server, swiftly detecting system failures and reducing machinery stopping times.

For this purpose, a VPN is used to interconnect our machinery, ensuring secure connections so that our technicians can intervene when necessary without having to travel to the client’s premises, providing safe, reliable day-to-day backup.

  • Touch sensitive screens, making it easier for machine-operators to handle the machinery. The screens notify them of possible breakdowns or any system adjustments that might be required for specific products, as well as generating reports on production or the consumption of raw materials, sent by FTP, OPC or even SMS.