• June 30, 2016
  • Innova's DNA

Expansion continues in Latin America: Brasil, Chile and Colombia

In 2013, Innova Maquinaria launched onto the Mexican market thanks to constant work for continuing improvement and rapid customer service, and this work is still producing results today. The robust equipment, together with investment in RDI and fast post-sales service has already sold machinery to Brazil, Chile and soon to Colombia.

With over 15 years’ experience in the packaging sector and a range based on quality and the latest technology for our systems, Innova Maquinaria is proving that there are no frontiers to stop the spread of our Etherna Packaging brand.

Support and good service enable us to go for new, fast-growing markets that are willing to implement the latest designs in packaging technology.

Innova is a company that focuses on adapting to the client and flexibility, providing the solution required by the client, whatever it may be. Our clients’ appreciation makes us strong in moving forward to bring Spanish technology from Innova to places such as Latin America.