• October 13, 2022
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Innova Packaging Solutions showcases the advantages of Stretch Hood in PackExpo 2022

How to avoid losses and damages during the transport of your products? How to obtain a better quality of the final packaging while saving on consumables? Innova will present at Pack Expo Chicago International the innovative wrapping technology Stretch Hood, which guarantees maximum protection and waterproofing while providing savings on consumables and energy costs.

We’ll be exhibiting in Chicago (Illinois) from the 23rd to the 26th of October at Mc Cornick Place, at booth LU 8662 with our partner in the United States O&C Services Inc.

Stretch Hood, the new wrapping revolution

One of the main products we’ll showcase at Pack Expo Chicago is the advantages of Stretch Hood to protect palletized goods, over other systems such as stretch wrapping. Through Europe and Nord-American regions, Stretch Hooding has become an alternative to Stretch Wrapping systems. More and more companies are making the switch to the Stretch Hooder due to the benefits of automation, packaging speed, load protection, and less film usage, among many others.

Advantages of Stretch hood Vs Stretch Wrapping:

There are many questions and concerns when it comes to choosing a pallet stretch wrapping system, and although their processes are very different, the final result may not be so far apart. In the case of Stretch Hood, it brings several advantages that make it worth changing the wrapping technology at the end-of-line:

1. Get total protection

Best protection with one single layer, without the need for covers. Stretch Hood film provides total sealing against external agents such as dust, UV rays, and even rain.

2. No changes of film

Increase your productivity. While the Stretch Wrapper needs a change of reel for each 150-200 pallets, the Stretch Hooder can wrap 1.000 pallets without a reel change.

3. Faster Wrapping Speed

Faster than Stretch Wrapping. Stretch Hood can wrap 100-150 pallets/hour thanks to its quick automated system to prepare the hood before wrapping.

4. Use less film

Stretch Hood reduces a 50% the usage of film, as it only uses the strictly necessary amount to protect the load. No need for extra wraps or top covers.

5. Flawless presentation

Get a total transparent wrapped load, without folds, layers, or wrinkles typical of Stretch Wrapping. Stretch Hood is also acclaimed for its branding opportunities due the transparency of the Stretch Hood film.

Stretch Wrapped Pallet vs Stretch Hood Wrapped pallet
Stretch Wrapped Pallet vs Stretch Hood Wrapped pallet

Stretch Hood, a wrapping system that adapts to different industries

The Stretch Hood wrapping system is one of the most advanced and innovative pallet packaging technologies. One of its most popular benefits is its ability to adapt to a multitude of product types, industries, and formats. Moreover, Stretch Hood is increasingly replacing the traditional stretch wrapper in new automation projects for a wide range of industries. But how does the Stretch Hood system manage to adapt to different types of loads?

The simple answer is that Stretch Hood is the only system that provides customized packaging for each load.

The advanced technology of Stretch Hood and its film enables this system to achieve optimum results for different types of products. In industries where stretch wrapping was used for its versatility, holding, and adaptability, the switch is being made to Stretch Hood for its advantages in terms of protection material, transparency, wrapping finish, savings in consumables, etc.

Do you want to know if Stretch Hood can be adapted to your product?

Join Innova End Of Line Packaging Solutions and our US partner O&C Services Inc. at Pack Expo International Chicago and discover State-of-the-Art Packaging Technologies that will improve your product protection and reduce logistic issues.

Our team at Pack Expo Las Vegas in 2021

Our partner, O&C SERVICES, INC. provides Technical Consulting, Installation, and Maintenance of all of our packaging projects within the continental USA. O&C also carries an array of critical replacement parts that facilitates the preventive maintenance procedures and repairs of any of our Packaging Systems. They are a key element in our goal to provide local and specialized technical support. Customer Service and Technical Assistance teams from both Innova and O&C SERVICES, INC. work hand in hand with every customer throughout the entire process. Our teams will be there from the initial idea phase, to after-sale preventive maintenance and repair.

Come and join us this Fall in Pack Expo Chicago:

Pack Expo International
Lakeside Upper Booth – LU 8662
Mc Cornick Place, Chicago IL
October 23-26, 2022