• September 5, 2017
  • Innova's DNA

INNOVA’s DNA: Our support for Villarreal C.F.

In Villarreal, we can’t talk about the ceramic sector without mentioning Grupo Pamesa, and in the same way, we can’t talk about football without mention ceramics.

Since, in 1997, Fernando Roig, Chairman of Grupo Pamesa, announced the purchase of Villarreal FC, the destinies of these two powerful brands have experienced strong growth and have placed the city on an international panorama.

Since then, both entities share the same philosophy:

  • hard and consistent work as the highest exponent of continuous improvement;
  • unending launch of new products for the market, comparable to the excellent quality of the club’s school (one of the best in Spain) which discovers new talents;
  • innovation and differentiation, whether in the products of the tile company or in the new facade of the Ceramic Stadium.

Innova also shares all of these values, and therefore feels proud to provide the end of line solutions at all of the Group’s factories.

For this reason, this season Innova has joined the members club of Villareal FC. We will support them each day and wish for great results in the new season.