• July 14, 2016
  • News & Trends

Logistics and distribution of palletized loads improve productive processes

In the current environment, the logistics and distribution of palletized loads are two parameters that companies cannot leave out when evaluating and improving their productive processes. In a context where client requirements and competitiveness among companies is a key factor, being able to coordinate quality, reliability, packaging, distribution, protection and service in the best possible manner is crucial in certifying that products preserve their properties until reaching their final destination.

Therefore, at Innova we evaluate the logistical needs raised by the globalization of markets, required in productive processes, in order to ensure the flow of products along supply chains, following the highest standards. Our main aim being to strengthen the relationship with our clients and offer maximum guarantees for the end consumer.

Thus, our ETHERNA By INNOVA packaging technology encompasses the following factors, among others, to improve the logistics of palletized products:

  • Packaging resistance and dimensions
  • Innovative designs
  • Product stability
  • Waterproofing effect
  • Cost savings
  • Use of plastics and energy
  • Factory footprint management
  • Finding more visually attractive products (packaging transparency)