• March 27, 2024
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Meet our R&D team: the key to packaging innovation at Innova Group

Innova Group benefits from the collective contributions of a diverse team of professionals. From machine designers and mechanics to engineers, programmers, commercial technicians, and technical collaborators, everyone plays a role in developing new packaging systems and automatic packaging lines, solutions and services.

The company has a strong philosophy that is shared throughout all levels of staff, but the driving force behind this philosophy is the Research and Development (R&D) department. The team is comprised of specialists from different disciplines who have dedicated years to innovation.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at our R&D department, revealing its research and development process so that innovation is not only present in our name but also in the way we operate and bring innovations to the market.

The R&D team meets to analyze each project in depth.
The R&D team meets to analyze each project in depth.

How do we innovate? From the idea to the new project

It all starts with an idea. R&D works based on its extensive suggestion box; ideas contributed by the personnel themselves, based on their work with customers, suppliers, and technical collaborators, which are given great importance. Each item is thoroughly reviewed with great attention to detail to determine its technological and commercial feasibility. The department also has a separate list of customer requirements that are studied and evaluated from a technical perspective.

To successfully start and execute a project, thorough preparation is essential. It is crucial to consider all possible variables that may affect the development of the project. Therefore, our R&D department is constantly engaged in technological surveillance. This involves closely following and monitoring emerging trends, studies and innovations in our packaging sector, as well as other industrial sectors. Additionally, the department maintains close communication with various organizations and technological institutions. They do this to obtain information or to implement courses that improve and integrate knowledge and tools.

The team follows a three-stage project development process.

1. Technology watch: Continuous monitoring of market technology trends, challenges, and requirements of our customers in different sectors.

2. Project studies: Technical and commercial feasibility studies of the proposed technological improvements (either through Technology Watch or internal ideas).

3. Development of the technological project: Starting with the design and validity of the prototype, manufacturing and finally testing of machinery, the R&D department takes care of every step.

The R&D department is a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in various disciplines.
The R&D department is a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in various disciplines.

In addition to new developments, our R&D team also makes continuous improvements to our existing machinery line. These include improvements in electronic communication, software and PLC upgrades, component redesign, redesign of accessories and modular parts, and a trend towards more efficient and intelligent motors and technologies. Each new customer machine upgrade is incorporated into the standard manufacturing of our systems.

How do regulations affect the R&D process?

An Innova, we have a wide portfolio of customers, so the regulations of different countries and sectors of application are very important, as they are a very important factor when choosing packaging systems.

For example, one of the regulations that affect the work of R&D is the new tax on non-recycled plastic, in this case, R&D must ensure that the machines can work with different types of film and consumables and perform tests, to adapt to the needs of protection and fastening of customers.  This is done by:

  • Diversification of solutions: we adapt to the regulations of each country, designing packaging systems or machinery accessories that meet local needs and regulations.
  • Flexibility in development: we implement flexible R&D processes that allow us to integrate the necessary modifications to comply with the regulations of each market.
  • Analysis and monitoring: at Innova, we constantly monitor new regulations and their possible impact on products and services, ensuring timely adaptation.

Amaya Luzón, head of the R&D team, manages and coordinates the projects from start to finish.
Amaya Luzón, head of the R&D team, manages and coordinates the projects from start to finish.

INNOVA LAB: The R&D Test Area

Innova has its own test area called Innova LAB, a facility with Stretch Hood tests and simulation of stability tests for palletized loads. From Innova LAB we test improvements in machinery, carry out film validity certifications, and perform Stretch Hood strength tests for customers, in compliance with transport load safety regulations.

How does R&D use this test area?

In addition to standard customer testing and generic film certifications, R&D uses its Innova Lab for:

  • Machine development, testing of new components and materials, etc.
  • Film testing to evaluate its behavior and viability: tests are carried out to ensure the flexibility and adaptability of film of different materials to any type of load.
  • Programming tests: different safety tests are carried out, such as productivity tests, downtime tests, etc., with different weights, heights and systems.
  • Tests for customers: specialized adaptations are made for customers, based on studies of their own situation and specific requirements.

Thanks to INNOVALab, we obtain a better knowledge of the behavior and performance of the Stretch Wrapping and the load in any environment and against any external agent. A result that ultimately translates into a great benefit for our customers, since we offer validated and tested machinery and technology to improve and optimize their packaging.

Innovation to develop more sustainable products

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the great work of R&D to obtain more efficient and sustainable technology. At Innova, we develop highly efficient packaging systems that reduce CO2 emissions, allow lower energy consumption, and reduce plastic.

Therefore, R&D is focused on circularity and machine utilization. We are also researching other wrapping materials and consumables, such as paper film, and looking for new ways that our systems can use different types of consumables. Respecting this idea, the new Innova machines have been designed with modular technology and parts, so that they are easily repairable, replaceable, or can be equipped with accessories and kits that are also modular and easy to install. 

In addition to the modular design of the machines themselves, R&D also performs extensive testing to ensure the compatibility of recycled materials with existing machines and components, and to meet the required quality standards.

Current sustainability projects

Innova’s R&D department is currently focused on automating consumable replacement on machines to minimize frequent maintenance and consumable replacement and, as always, innovating in sustainability.


In short, at Innova Group we remain committed to the growing development and constant innovation in our packaging systems, offering solutions that incorporate the latest technological advances.

Therefore, our sustained growth always goes hand in hand with our R&D Department, a pillar of our company that involves all staff, improves our machines in efficiency, sustainability, performance, and productivity, and ultimately puts the value of innovation to our brand Innova.