• February 15, 2014
  • Case Studies
  • Ceramic

Peronda Ceramics achieves complete automation of its production line

The company PERONDA CERAMICA, manufacturer of road surface and ceramic facing, has choosen the INNOVA MAQUINARIA stretch hood system as their end-of-line production.

The provided system is made up of a complete line with diverse machines, being the stretch hood machine the one that gives higher value to the line, in order to guarantee an efficient packaging of the products.

The provided solution offers many benefits, in addition to fulfill the two fundamental bases of the company, which are the innovation and sustainability.

The new end-of-line system provides higher stability, better load security and  a saving factor for the company, because of the less use of extendible film.

In this way, PERONDA CERAMICAS achieves a complete automation of the end-of-line production, and they keep on betting on the innovation in all of their processes.