El sistema Stretch Hood de Innova consigue ahorrar un 50% en consumibles
  • May 3, 2018
  • InnovaTech

How Stretch Hood technology can reduce costs and optimize your production

In a globalized economy environment, it is more important than ever to be as competitive as possible. One key factor to achieve this competitiveness is the optimization of logistics and transport, where reducing costs and time are already essential requirements. In this context, Innova aims to improve our customers’ competitiveness, optimizing their production processes with packaging technologies that provide cost savings, time reductions, minimizing losses and a greater efficiency in their end-of-lines.

Stretch Hood, a technology to improve competitiveness

The technology used in packaging and transport is more important than ever in achieving that efficiency. In order to meet the industry demand, Innova has developed the Stretch Hood packaging line with to improve the production and costs savings. Several of our customers have already been able to improve their production times and consequently their logistics delivery.

Key aspects of Stretch Hood in favor of competitiveness:

✔  Savings of up to 50% in consumables and energy:

It consumes up to 50% less film compared to similar solutions such as Shrink Hood. The cover is fully adapted to the load, using less film and energy, as it doesn’t need gas fuel.

✔ Reduction of transport incidents:

It provides greater security and stability of the packaged load, avoiding displacements, breaks or losses during handling and transport.

✔ Time optimization

It allows to pack twice as many pallets as other systems such as Wrapping or Shrink Hood, reaching up to 150 pallets per hour.

✔ Less maintenance and cost reduction

Stretch Hood technology has fewer movable parts, which means less maintenance in the day to day and fewer staff resources.


How can I monetize the investment with Stretch Hood in a few months?

According to experience, our customers end up making profitable their investment in Stretch Hood technology in just 12 months. This profitability is due to the savings generated by the use of this technology, compared to previous packaging systems such as Shrink Hood, with a higher energy consumption and film in each packaging.

Each Innova project includes a Cost Savings Study to guarantee the profitability of our customers’ investment. Our Engineering team tailors each project to offer the packaging solution that best fits your production end-of-lines.

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