Stretch Hood Innova libre energia estatica
  • October 24, 2016
  • InnovaTech

The new Stretch hood system by Innova, free from static electricity

At Innova, we are working day to day in constantly improving systems, which has led us recently to incorporate an ionizer into the packaging Stretch Hood system.

Continuous improvement of our packaging technology

Like most films, Stretch Hood film is supplied in a reel by manufacturers. Owing to the procedures creating the reel and the physical characteristics of the raw material, film is highly prone to charges of static electricity. This means that, depending on the thickness of the film, the suppliers, when the reel was manufactured, etc., films are charged with a certain amount of static electricity. Let us remind you that static electricity can cause a heavy discharge and may lead to an explosion if inflammable substances are present, and this poses a problem for reliability in packaging processes.

By incorporating an ionizer, Innova has managed to dissipate the static electricity without harming devices sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESD) and improve the reliability of the processes. In this way, Innova has provided a solution for your Stretch Hood —another innovative item that marks the difference.