• April 30, 2014
  • Innova's DNA

Innova and sustainability: we collaborate with ITENE in the Carbon Footprint Analysis

The study of the carbon footprint represents a measure for the efforts of the companies to be considered more sustainable. From this analysis, it is possible to quantify the quantity of greenhouse gases released into the air, throughout the developed activities in the production processes and to identify the contamination source of the GEI of each product.

Innova maquinaria, in collaboration with ITENE (Instituto Tecnológico de Embalaje, Transporte y Logística), has created a specialized office of this area, where carbon footprint reports are done, considering the whole activity of the company. In this way, the companies obtain valid information about decision-making and definition of the best objectives that are destined to a reduction policy of releases and initiative of cost savings.

In this way, Innova Maquinaria confirms its compromise with sustainability and works with its customers in the social and environmental responsibility of its production processes. Being nowadays, a key factor of differentiation and compromise not only in order to improve the image of the company but also because it supposes a way of cost optimization.