• May 18, 2017
  • Innova's DNA

We Protect in Green: Sustainable protection for your products

At Innova Maquinaria, not only do we keep an eye on the present, offering customized packaging solutions for our customers, but we are also concerned about the future and the impact that our activity and that of our customers will have on it.

Society is increasingly aware of consuming in a way that is more responsible with the environment and INNOVA also contributes to this with its line of Stretch Hood technology. How do we manage it?

On one hand, this system requires lower energy consumption and does not require gas such as the thermo-shrink wrapping system. On the other hand, the film is the greatest difference as, in comparison with other solutions where it is used in greater quantities, with the stretch film we only use the necessary plastic in order to wrap the load (the cover conforms to the shape both for height, width and length of the palletized load). Made of polystyrene (composed of carbon and hydrogen), it is chemically inert and its use is totally safe for the environment. Given its importance, at Innova we work closely with the film producers, certifying that the behavior of the same is valid in our machines by subjecting them to various tests on our test bench: Thus, InnovaLab offers greater guarantees for our customers.

Furthermore, we carry out a permanent eco-advisory, recommending our customers to use biodegradable and recyclable consumables.

In short, energy efficiency and sustainability principles that are compatible with the high performance and efficiency of our machines.

We protect in green.