• June 17, 2022
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  • Stretch Hood

Why Stretch Hood is the best wrapping system for different industries?

The Stretch Hood system is undoubtedly one of the most advanced packaging technologies in terms of automation and advantages in pallet protection. In fact, one of its most acclaimed benefits is its ability to adapt to a multitude of product types, industries, and formats. Stretch Hood is increasingly replacing the traditional pallet stretch wrapper in new automation projects for a wide range of industries. But how does the Stretch Hood system manage to adapt to different types of loads?

The simple answer is that Stretch Hood is the only system that provides customized packaging for each load. In this article we will explain the keys to achieving this.

When is Stretch Hood packaging used?

The Stretch Hood system is already used in a multitude of applications and types of end-of-line packaging:

  • For the transport of palletized goods: whether in primary or secondary packaging, any product to be transported and stored on a pallet can be wrapped with Stretch Hood.
  • For palletless transport of products in primary packaging: in this case, these are formats that do not require a pallet for their transport, such as household appliances or loads prepared to be transported without a pallet, such as palletless bagged goods.
  • When a wrapping machine cannot be used: In the case of very small formats where stretch wrapping is not possible but protection is needed.

As we will see, Stretch Hood can be applied in a wide range of industries such as Chemicals, Construction, Food and Beverage, Logistics, etc.

How does Stretch Hood adapt to all industries?

The Stretch Hood system has many innovations over the other type of shrink hooding, and not only does it differ in not applying heat to pack the load. The hooding process itself, the characteristics and properties of the film, the adaptability of the Stretch Hood machines, and the advanced technology with more intelligent components and engines than other systems, make Stretch Hood an all-terrain packaging solution for a wide range of products.

1. The wrapping process

The main difference with other packaging systems is that the Stretch Hood is the only one that prepares film exactly to the size of the load to be packaged. This film, which is tubular, is slightly smaller than the contour of the load as the Stretch Hood machine stretches and applies the film to fit the dimensions of the load, sealing it completely.

For this system, it does not matter the size or dimensions of the load to be wrapped, since it takes these two factors into account:

  1. Preparation and application of the Stretch Hood film wrap for the exact dimensions of the load.
  2. Use of the Stretch Hood tubular film that adapts firmly to the load, whatever its shape.
stretch hood packaging for pallets

2. The Stretch Hood film

The other key component in obtaining high quality Stretch Hood wrapping is precisely the Stretch Hood film. It is not a standard stretch film, such as those used in stretch wrapping machines, or a heavier tubular film such as in shrink hooding machines, but one of the most advanced and developed films in the packaging industry.

This is a multi-layer film with components and characteristics that give elasticity, hold, strength and protection to the product wrapping.  Thanks to its extreme tear and puncture resistance, Stretch Hood film can reliably contain sharp-edged loads and even handle fragile and heavy goods, making it ideal, for example, for the chemical industry or construction materials such as Ceramics.

Adaptability of the film to different industries:

In the type of film and the capabilities of the Stretch Hood machine lies the answer to adapt to different types of loads. Depending on the characteristics of the film, a stretch hood will be more adapted to the product:

  • Stretching components: The film can be stretched by 40 to 80% to adapt to the load.
  • Resistance components: Tear strength and puncture resistance are some of the film components that ensure that the load is more compact and stable with Stretch Hood. 
  • Contraction and holding forces: Stretch Hood offers maximum load stability due to the combination of vertical and horizontal film contraction forces, unlike the pallet stretch wrapper.
  • Film thickness: Usually the thicker the film, the greater the strength and hold, but this is not always correlated with Stretch Hood film as it has other elasticity and strength components. Even so, the heavier the film, the greater the resistance of the hood to tearing.
  • Protective layers: All types of film contain in their composition protective layers against external agents, with anti-UV, anti-condensation, anti-filtration, etc. barriers. In fact, depending on the needs of outdoor storage, the film may contain components to extend its expiry date by about 3 years.
  • Film transparency: The transparency of the film is not only related to the thickness of the film but also to the finish, opacity and dyeing of the film itself. Thus, a more opaque or transparent film can be requested according to the customer’s objectives. For certain sectors the total transparency of this film is decisive since it constitutes a corporate image action, besides helping in the readability of logistic codes.
  • Film welding: Depending on the type of film, a faster bag welding (for high productions that need it) and a higher film adhesion strength (hot tack) are ensured.
  • Customization of the film: In addition to the corporate customization of the film (colors and printing) there are industries that require a film with a different finish such as micro-perforated (for chemical or food substances that need micro-transpiration) or macro-perforated (with ventilation holes for loads that need holding but not impermeability).

3. Stretch Hood System customization

The final factor in matching the Stretch Hood to a particular product is the capabilities and functionality of the stretch hooding machine itself. In addition to the stretch hooding process (stretching and applying the film), it is important that the system can be adapted to the specific load through programming of the stretch hood, optional and alternative wrapping options and even system accessories (e.g. edge protection applicator).

Advantages of stretch film

Some customization elements that can be adapted to the product:

  • Wrapping finish: The wrapping can cover up to the base of the pallet (for total impermeability or for palletless system), it can be reinforced at the bottom to offer greater stability (for light loads that can move), or open bag wrapping only for securing (for example for drums that do not have impermeability problems), among others. There are many different finishes depending on the needs of the industry and product.
  • High-speed modular kits: For certain industries (such as white goods or uniform loads with very high throughputs) it is necessary for Stretch Hood versions to have high-speed buffer system components such as faster film preparation and welding systems.
  • Product protection accessories: Some systems incorporate accessories to protect the load during stretch hooding, such as the load edge rounding system (to prevent the film from catching on protrusions in the bag or box load) or edge protection systems to protect boxes or packages and provide greater uniformity and compactness to the load.
  • Dimensions of the Stretch Hood machine: Depending on the dimensions of the machine itself, it can be adapted to companies with smaller production facilities, or the other way around, for companies with very high product productions (with pallets over 2 meters height), such as chemical loads, agri-food bags, household appliances, etc.

In short, the advanced technology of Stretch Hood and its film enable this system to achieve optimum results for different types of products. In industries where stretch hoods were used for their versatility, holding and adaptability, the switch is being made to Stretch Hood for its advantages in terms of protection material, transparency, wrapping finish, savings in consumables, etc.

Do you want to know if Stretch Hood can be adapted to your product? Do not hesitate to contact our technical-sales team to perform wrapping tests in our Innova LAB and receive an obligation-free quotation and study of consumables.