• May 14, 2020
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Danosa obtains maximum protection for its insulation products with the shrink-hood system

Maximum hold, stabilization and total protection were the main packaging objectives sought by Danosa, a Spanish leading manufacturer of insulation and waterproofing materials. In order to provide a solution to their packaging needs, Innova’s technical consulting team looked for the pallet packaging system that would best protect their product with very special characteristics. In this case, it was the Heat Shrink System, which provides a tight wrapping and protection. Discover in this case study how, Danosa achieved its protection and fastening objectives thanks to the Shrink Hood wrapping machine.

Danosa is one of the leaders in construction materials, being a leading manufacturer in Spain of asphalt waterproofing sheets, thermal and acoustic insulation, drainage and geotextiles for buildings and civil works. The packaging project was carried out in its plant in Fontanar (Guadalajara) which is its production and logistics centre from which it supplies the whole of Spain and abroad.

The challenge: Extra protection and fastening with one system

The project carried out at Danosa responded to the company’s needs to obtain a final packaging that would provide an extra hold without the need to use additional systems such as strapping or wrapping. In this case, Danosa needed to protect its product of asphalt fabrics, which are supplied in tubes that require total protection against humidity and other agents. It also needed additional fastening for its transport, as it is an unstable load on the pallet.

To achieve the extra hold of Danosa’s product, the strapping system or the automatic wrapping with cord were discarded as in both cases the excessive pressure could damage the product. In addition, the company was also looking for a packaging system that would provide total protection, such as a hood that would completely cover the load.

The solution: Shrink Hood Packaging System

The heat-shrink hood system was the solution that best suited their needs: the film provides total protection and watertightness against external agents and the shrinking allows them to perform the extra hold that Danosa was looking for. This type of hood wrapping totally adapts to the contour and shape of the load, protecting it up to its base, providing total fixation and support for the transport of the pallet.

Therefore the project in Danosa consisted of:

  • Shrink Hood System SRH Etherna: The shrink wrapping system consists of a shrink hooder machine that adapts to the different pallet formats of Danosa with a double reel and an oven system for shrinking with a low consumption program. For this project, a specific system was also developed to apply the film down to the bottom of the load and free the gaps at the pallet base for a better handling in the intelligent warehouse.
  • Conveyor line: The project included its corresponding conveyor line with its infeed roller conveyors with a link to the transfer, pallet centering system, conveyor of the hood assembly, furnace assembly and finally its outfeed with a link to the conveyors of the intelligent warehouse.

Results: Maximum security and brand image for Danosa’s product

Danosa not only got the extra hold it was looking for with the shrink-wrap, but also got a package that provides extra security for its product. Thanks to the greater thickness of the heat shrink film, its pallets achieve that total protection and safety against the handling of the product on the building sites, where it is very often stored outdoors.

Brand image was also important for Danosa, which is why a wrapping such as heat-shrink enables total visibility of its product and brand, offering added value.

Finally, Innova developed a study on the minimum gas usage in shrinking, following our philosophy of environmental protection, in line with the values of Danosa.

Innova is proud to have worked on this project with the Danosa group, one of the leading companies in insulation and construction materials in Spain.

We hope to build a great journey together!




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