• February 19, 2024
  • InnovaTech
  • Stretch Wrapping

Innova Introduces its New Arm Wrapping System: Efficiency and Sustainability for All Industries

Greater versatility, efficiency, and adaptability to all types of loads. That’s what our new rotary arm wrapper brings to the market in 2024. The new Automatic Arm Wrapping System AWS Pro comes with innovative features to suit all types of loads, reduce packaging costs, and achieve optimal wrapping through the use of new wrap finishing technology. Designed to offer versatility, efficiency, and sustainability in pallet packaging, this automatic stretch wrapper sets new industry standards with its modular technology and high-energy efficiency components.

Discover how our new Stretch Wrapper can help you protect your goods in this article!

Efficiency and Savings at the End of the Line

The new pallet stretch wrapper launched by Innova is entirely designed and manufactured in Spain, using high-quality European components. This innovative pallet wrapping system features one of the fastest rotary wrapping arms available in the market.  Additionally, the option of two wrapping arms further enhances the product’s speed and efficiency, making it versatile and adaptable to various end-of-line production settings.

The new arm wrapper also stands out for its dedication to minimizing film usage. Thanks to its advanced features such as Wireless Wrapping Electronic Technology, a film Pre-stretch System that can stretch up to 400%, and its own Torque Control System, this wrapper can help reduce film consumption by almost 50% when compared to other conventional wrappers and semi-automatic equipment.

Innova Group’s Automatic Arm Wrapper is the ultimate solution for quick and efficient wrapping cycles, leaving no film residue behind. Its unique wrapping finishing technology eliminates the need for welding or gluing to seal the end of the cycle, making it stand out from other similar products in the market.

New Arm Wrapping System for pallet loads from Innova

Modular Technology and Adaptability

The new stretch wrapping system can handle ultra-high loads due to its modular structure and diverse models available to fit various load sizes, ranging from 500 mm to 2,400 mm (from 20 to 94 inches) and beyond, based on the individual requirements of every customer.

To enhance the efficiency and safeguard the final load, the product comes with an extensive array of accessories. These include a cutting-edge automatic top cover applicator system that shields the cargo from external elements. Additionally, the product features a pre-wrapping protective corner applicator system that ensures the uniformity of boxes. This system is a novelty in the market and is not offered by many manufacturers. It also includes a top press system for light or unstable loads, offering greater stability and safety during wrapping.

The Most Efficient Automatic Wrapper

This new Arm Stretch Wrapper is one of the most efficient and sustainable machines on the market, as it incorporates low-energy consumption components and motors, in addition to the aforementioned pre-stretch technology to reduce film consumption. It is also offered in a lighter structure wrapper model, thus reducing its carbon footprint and saving space in the factory.

Innova Group’s Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper is now available for purchase in the market and is expected to have a significant impact on a wide range of industries requiring more efficient and sustainable pallet packaging.

The Most Efficient Automatic Wrapper

“The launch of our automatic arm stretch wrapping system is a significant milestone for Innova Group,” said Sergio Llidó, Innova Group’s Manager. “This new addition to our catalog not only enhances packaging efficiency and sustainability, but also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the industry and the environment. We are proud to provide solutions that not only optimize and improve packaging processes, but also pave the way for Industry 4.0 innovation, and a greener industry.”

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