New Wrapping System with Edge Protectors
  • August 5, 2021
  • InnovaTech
  • Stretch Wrapping

New Wrapping System with Edge Protectors: Get the maximum hold and protection

How to ensure that product in boxes arrives flawlessly to the customer? How to provide total compaction of the load? How to protect the boxes from the application of stretch film? To answer these questions at Innova we have developed a new stretch pallet wrapping machine with Edge Corner Applicator System.

We are very aware of the trends and needs of the market, so we are in continuous development of our packaging systems. A clear example is this new machine development of a Edge Protector System for the Automatic Stretch Wrapper, which until now was only available on the Automatic Strapping system. The application of edge protectors during automatic pallet wrapping is a technical solution that very few manufacturers in the world currently offer.

Why are edge protectors necessary?

The main purpose of edge protectors is to protect the corners of the product boxes. They are usually included in a step prior to strapping, as the action of strapping can cause damage to the box. With the wrapping system the tension on the box is more uniform than with strapping (due to the stretch properties of the film) but it can also cause damage to the boxes depending on the type of wrapping and especially with the application of the reinforcement cord.

The edge protection system is a good solution for those companies that require that the final boxed product arrives in perfect condition to the customer, preventing any damage, either by wrapping or strapping.

The final objective: to ensure a perfect delivery of the boxes to the customer after thousands of kilometers by road, sea or air.

Other advantages of the edge protectors

In addition to protecting the product itself, applying edge protectors has other advantages related to compacting and securing the load:

  • Greater uniformity and compactness to the pallet: The edge protectors provide block compaction of the load, aligning the boxes and providing greater stability in its transport.
  • Securing lightweight loads: The edge protection offers a compaction to light loads that do not use strapping but a pallet wrapping machine instead.
  • Damage absorption in the edges: During transport and handling, it helps to cushion possible blows on the sides and corners of the boxes.
  • Better storage and stacking of loads: Edge protectors provide greater resistance of the packaging when stacking loads in warehouses and transport.
  • Better load presentation: Edge protectors provide a neater and more defined appearance of the palletized product during handling and even display.
Stretch pallet wrapping machine

Which sectors require edge protection during automatic pallet wrapping?

There are many industries that, due to the type of load, use the wrapping equiment (see our semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine) instead of strapping. This is the case when the boxed product needs to be secured but is unable to receive the tension of the strapping. These may be lightweight products in a wide variety of consumer industries or special and fragile products, such as household appliances.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common industries that use stretch wrapping machines and could require automated edge protection:

  • Food & Beverages: This is the case of boxed products that go directly to the distribution / customer and need to preserve the presentation and image. The majority of these manufacturers opt for the grip of the pallet wrapping machine, as it is more respectful with the load, and also require the protection on the edges, which is often done with a manual system.
  • Pharma and Cosmetics: These industries have an ultra-light product with high added value. Therefore, they require a packaging system that is more respectful with the product (such as the automatic stretch wrapper) and an extra protection of their boxes with edge protectors.
  • Hygiene and cellulose products: Very similar to the previous industry, these are light loads that are usually palletized within the box in which they are to be marketed. For this reason, they need support and protection from industrial wrapping, as well as greater stability due to the lightweight nature of the product.
  • Household appliances: For fragile high-value products such as household appliances, the automate pallet wrapping solution with edge protectors is a must. Items as washing machines and refrigerators need the extra protection of their edges before wrapping and/or stretch hooding.
Automatic pallet wrapping equipment

Innova’s Wrapping System with Edge Protectors

The new pallet wrapping system with edge protectors developed by Innova is composed of the Automatic Ring Wrapper AWR | PRO with the complement of the Edge Protector Applicator AC | PRO Vertical.

The operation is very simple: First the edge protectors are inserted on the sides, and while the paddles of the applicator hold them, the wrapping machine starts its cycle. When the top of the protector pieces are already attached to the pallet, the application paddles are removed to finish the wrapping process.

Below you can see the operation of the edge protector applicator during the industrial wrapping cycle, with an example of a ceramic product:

Innova’s edge protection applicator system is developed to compact the side corner in a centered way and adapts to the different pallet formats and heights. In addition, it allows two different models of protectors to be placed to adapt to the different pallet heights of the customer’s pallet.

In short, with this new development Innova wants to offer systems more adapted to customer needs and requirements of the international trade. Our goal: to provide an answer to the problems and requirements of the different industries in terms of packaging and logistics.

At Innova, the continuous improvement and R & D is our daily engine in which we work to offer the best solutions to our customers.