Stretch Hood Packaging for Tiles Pamesa Do Brasil
  • May 6, 2019
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Pamesa do Brasil: cutting-edge technology at the end of line with Stretch Hood by Innova

An improved quality of final packaging, a greater safety for transportation, total protection in storage and ultimately a commitment to automation and efficiency. These were the requirements which Pamesa Do Brasil proposed to Innova. With the recent installation of the Stretch Hood line developed by Innova, Pamesa leads the Brazilian ceramic sector in its commitment to innovative technologies such as Stretch Hood for its final packaging.

The end-of-line project was carried out at Pamesa’s main plant in Cabo de Santo Agostinho (Pernambuco – Brazil) in 2018 .Since then, the ceramic manufacturer has managed to optimize both the protection and the final presentation of its product.

Pamesa’s challenge: Improving quality and automation

Pamesa do Brasil proposed a project to automate its final packaging line with the technologies used by the rest of the Pamesa group (with main headquarters in Spain). The project not only had the objective of standardizing and automating the technology, but Pamesa Brasil also required a system that would provide greater protection and stability to their products.

At the moment, at the Pernambuco plant, they were using a semi-automatic wrapping system that did not offer the desired automation or the necessary protection for the ceramic product. Therefore, the Stretch Hood packaging solution was the answer to their protection and automation requirements with high efficiency technologies. In fact, the Brazilian technical team of Pamesa Do Brasil verified at InnovaLAB’s premises the advantages of Stretch Hood for the ceramic product, in addition to visiting all the existing Stretch Hood lines in Pamesa Spain.

Innova’s project: A line designed and manufactured to meet the needs of Pamesa do Brasil

Innova developed an end-of-line project that fully integrated the needs of the Brazilian ceramic manufacturer: plant automation and integration, saving on consumables, extra stability complements and customization of the Stretch Hood film with Pamesa’s corporate brand and colors.

For this purpose, a complete packaging line was designed and manufactured with the following components, in the following order:

  • Support complements: Horizontal Strapping System FH Pro. The horizontal strapping machine applied at the beginning of the line provides compactness and initial subjection of the boxes.
  • Stability complements: Automatic Wrapping System AWR Pro. A ring wrapper was included in this project, before the Stretch Hood wrapping, which provides additional stability for pallets of great weight and size as in the case of the ceramic product.
  • Stretch Hood System SH Pro 1 S2: Finally, the Stretch Hood system provides the ultimate protection. The Stretch Hood tubular film adapts to the dimensions of the pallet and provides protection against rain, UV rays and other external agents for the outdoor storage of pallets, as in the case of Pamesa Do Brasil. In addition, Pamesa’s Stretch Hood machine includes two film reels to adapt to different pallet formats.
  • Conveying solutions: To connect the entire line, roller conveyors, centering devices and pallet accumulation conveyors were installed.
Automatic Wrapping Machine for Ceramic Tiles by Innova
Automatic Wrapping Machine installed at Pamesa

The following video produced by Pamesa do Brasil shows how the packaging line works:

Courtesy of Pamesa do Brasil

The results: maximum protection and quality in the final packaging

Besides meeting the challenges proposed by Pamesa in protection and quality of sheathing, the new line has meant an improvement in the automation of its end of line, as well as an increase in the packaging speed. In the case of Pamesa, it was also important to increase the safety of the pallet for transport, reducing damage or breakage, as this is a product that usually travels by road throughout Brazil.

Pallets Wrapped with Stretch Hood
Final product wrapped with Stretch hood and Pamesa’s corporate brand

The project was designed down to the last detail to meet the needs and expectations of Pamesa, so it was recommended the customization of the film with the logo and colors of the company, in order to offer added value in the final presentation of your product.

Innova is proud to work once again with Grupo Pamesa and to have a great partner also in Brazil.

Muito obrigado Pamesa Do Brasil!



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