• September 2, 2021
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Bestile launches a Stretch Hood packaging line with Innova in its new Factory 5

The ceramic group Bestile trusts again in Innova’s packaging technology in its new project Bestile 5, in the facilities of the former Mimas ceramics in Alcora. With this new packaging installation, Bestile is committed to automation, industry 4.0, sustainability in packaging and specialized protection for its ceramic product.

Bestile’s new Stretch Hood line went into production this summer in the new factory 5, which is adjacent to the main production center in Bestile 1. This new project is in conjunction with other complete packaging lines carried out with Innova in Bestile 1 and 2, a further sign of the company’s confidence in Innova Group’s technology. The Bestile group is one of the reference companies with ceramic tile tradition in Alcora (Castellón), characterized by a sophisticated design of quality and innovation.

Specialized protection for Bestile products

Bestile approached us with the need for a new automatic packaging line in their new production facility Bestile 5. At the time they already had similar lines at Bestile 1 and 2 with good results and communicated to us their wish to continue with Stretch Hood packaging technology.

Bestile’s product requires special packaging that provides both respectful support and protection of their product with special finishes. Therefore the combination of the automatic wrapper (securing) with the Stretch Hood system (protection) is a line design that offered the required results.

Finally, Bestile 5 is a high-production plant project of the ceramic company and therefore they needed a fully automatic and connected packaging line to respond to the production flow. In other installations, the Stretch Hood line replaced semi-automatic packaging systems that did not meet the speed and automation requirements.

The automatic packaging line in Bestile 5

For this project, Innova’s engineering team has designed and adapted the packaging line to the requirements of the distribution of Bestile 5 facilities. For this purpose, it has been arranged a conveyor line adapted to Bestile’s transport vehicles and the connection between different heights of the building, including a pallet elevator.

The packaging line is composed of:

Pallet conveying line:

The pallet infeed line has a slat chain conveyor system for pallet access with a manual forklift. The load is then lowered to the packaging line by means of a pallet lift that connects two levels in the factory.

The conveying line also includes pallet centering and outfeed line with pallet accumulation for pick-up.

Automatic Wrapping System AWR Pro :

The ring wrapper is in charge of providing support to the ceramic pallet by wrapping and applying the reinforcement cord system. Due to the type of Bestile product, with textured tiles and special finishes, the wrapping machine provides support without the pressure that could be exerted by other systems such as strapping. In addition, the stretch wrapper offers greater compactness to the palletizing mosaic and block load securing with the pallet base.

Stretch Hood System SH Pro1 S2:

The Stretch Hood system is responsible for offering total protection and impermeability to Bestile ceramics, thanks to the wrapping that completely covers the load. The system installed on Bestile 5 has two film reels to adapt to different pallet formats.

Results and future projects

The line was installed only a few weeks ago, but is now fully operational to meet Bestile’s production needs. In addition to meeting the objectives of product protection and safety, it has also achieved an efficient and environmentally friendly packaging line. Just by choosing Stretch Hood over other systems such as shrink-wrapping, Bestile has already obtained a reduction in CO2 emissions and a decrease in the use of consumables. In addition, the automatic wrapping system is designed with efficient components, such as the Torque Control System, which optimizes and minimizes the use of film.

Bestile has informed us of their satisfaction with the results of the project and their desire to continue relying on Innova for future packaging line projects. Innova is proud to be able to work with one of the leading tile companies in the region as Bestile, and we hope to continue our relationship for many years to come.

Thank you Bestile for trusting Innova Group!


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