• January 28, 2020
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Grespania entrusts two packaging lines to Innova to respond to the high production of its new plant

The Spanish ceramic sector is undertaking a great task to differentiate itself and be more competitive worldwide through more exclusive products, large formats, higher quality, added value and sustainability, among others things. For this reason, the sector is clearly committed to technologies that allow them to achieve these objectives of better quality, efficiency and added value. In this context appear big projects such as Cerámica Grespania, in its new central production plant in Castellón, in which the quality of the product, the productivity and the energetic efficiency have been prioritized.  Innova is proud to be part of this great project with a solution to match its growing production flow, thus accomplishing the challenges proposed by Grespania to obtain the best protection and quality of its ceramic product. To this end, Innova installed two complete Stretch Hood packaging lines in 2019, meeting the requirements of the great ceramic group. In this article we share with you the details of this installation.

A great project for a giant like Grespania

The packaging project carried out at Grespania has been one of the most complete in the sector in recent years, as it consists of two complete packaging lines in the same installation, with two pallet wrapping systems, and their corresponding strapping systems and other complements. Grespania expressed the need for a fully automated packaging line with a higher capacity and packaging speed, in order to meet the increased production of the new plant, which specializes in large formats. Another major objective pursued by Grespania was to achieve greater protection and safety of their loads with a more efficient and sustainable technology, so we recommended the Stretch Hood system, the most sustainable pallet packaging solution available, in conjunction with specific strapping and other protection systems for ceramics.

Double ceramic packaging line in Grespania

The packaging route of a pallet in Grespania

In the new plant of Grespania’s premises in Castellón there is not a single second of pause. The AGVs leave the finished product pallets on one of the two lines and then the Packaging Journey begins to achieve the best ceramic pallet protection available.

The route starts with the pallets brought automatically with AGV’s

1.  Its first station is the edge protection and compaction with the Edge Protection Applicator and the Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine that secures the load in a whole block. This is an advanced packaging technology that performs the entire process  in a matter of seconds (cornering, compacting and strapping) with a single machine.

Horizontal Strapping Machine applying edge protectors at the corners of the load

2. The pallet continues its journey through an Automatic sealing machine, which provides an extra fastening of the boxes in the final delivery to the customer, so that they are joined when the strapping is removed at the point of sale.

Automatic Sealing Machine of Ceramic Boxes by Innova

3. The next stop is the Vertical Automatic Strapping Machine that holds and joins the load to the pallet, offering greater stability in transport and logistic handling. While the pallet is being strapped, the Stretch Hood strapping machine is already preparing the film sleeve, which is its penultimate stop.

4. The Stretch Hood S2 Pro 2 system protects the load with a hood wrapping that fully adapts to the load. Both the wrapping itself and the properties of the film protect the load completely from external agents such as dust, moisture, rain, etc.

Pallet wrapping with the Stretch hood system by Innova

5. When the Stretch Hooder finishes, the automatic weighing system determines the final weight of the pallet, and sends the information to the Automatic Labeling System, its end station, to be included in the label.

This pallet is now ready to be picked up and transported to the warehouse, where it will wait for its new journey of a few thousand kilometres more at any of Grespania’s world destinations.

Results for Grespania: quality, sustainability and added value

The new double installation has not only been a response to production demand, but has also allowed Grespania to obtain a final packaging of higher quality and added value. Previously they used a shrink-wrap system, which, although it protected the product, was a more expensive technology in terms of energy and used film. With the Stretch Hood system, Grespania has also managed to improve the quality and image of the pallet, as it provides total transparency and added value in the delivery to its customers.

Results of Stretch Hood Vs Shrink-wrap on a rainy day

Sustainability is also one of the lines of work of the ceramic company and one of the aspects where Stretch hood has much to contribute. In addition to achieving savings in the film used per pallet, this system also reduces CO2 emissions, compared to other solutions such as shrink-wrapping, an aspect highly valued by both Grespania and the ceramics industry.

Grespania’s Stretch Hood system reduces CO2 emissions and the use of plastic

In summary, Grespania’s project carried out by Innova is a great example of the most complete and integral ceramic packaging line, adapted to the production and to the quality, protection and safety requirements and needs of the Spanish ceramic sector.

For Innova it has been a privilege to work in this great project of Grespania and to be able to give an effective solution to their production and protection needs. We hope to collaborate again in the future for ceramic packaging solutions.

Thank you Grespania for trusting Innova!



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