• February 20, 2024
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Ibérica Tiles Mexico Trusts Innova Again with State-of-the-Art Packaging Line

Ibérica Tiles, a Mexico-Spanish company, was looking for a way to provide maximum protection for its ceramic cargo during long journeys on Mexican roads. They knew that the solution was a specialized packaging line, such as Innova’s automatic packaging line, that could ensure that their merchandise arrived flawlessly. As a result of the successful installation of the first packaging line in 2020, Ibérica Tiles has again partnered with Innova to design, manufacture, and install a second packaging line. The recent inauguration of this project at their Salamanca plant (Guanajuato) represents one of the most advanced and comprehensive ceramic packaging systems in the Mexican industry.

The ceramic Factory Ibérica Tiles is the result of a collaboration between Grupo Argenta and the Mexican Tiles distributor Castel. This is a ceramic project that started in 2020 and has since experienced significant production growth in Mexico, where the construction industry plays a vital role in the economy. With this latest packaging installation, Innova Group reinforces its involvement in cutting-edge technology projects under the Argenta brand, with whom it maintains a close partnership in all its factories and logistics centers in Spain.

The Challenge Presented by Ibérica Tiles

Given the company’s constant growth and expansion in the national market, Ibérica Tiles faced the challenge of increasing its packaging capacity efficiently and safely. For this reason, they conveyed to Innova Group the need for a second packaging line that could respond to increased production, the introduction of larger formats, and the need for greater protection for their ceramic loads.

The primary objective of this new packaging line was to ensure optimal securing of the loads during road transport throughout Mexico. To achieve this, additional load-securing systems were implemented, such as the combination of horizontal and vertical strapping systems. Additionally, the new packaging line was designed to seamlessly integrate into Ibérica Tiles’ existing logistics flow, working in conjunction with the pre-existing packaging line to serve different ceramic formats. In this way, both packaging lines provide service to distinct loads and formats.

Finally, Ibérica Tiles’ factory in Salamanca is highly technological and fully automated, in line with Grupo Argenta’s facilities in Spain. Therefore, it also required fully automated packaging systems, connected to its production line and adapted to its AGV vehicles.

Automated packaging line for ceramic products

A Customized Packaging Project for Ibérica Tiles

Innova Group designed, manufactured, and installed a fully customized packaging line that combines various automatic packaging systems to ensure maximum protection during the transport of Ibérica Tiles’ loads. The new line, which recently became operational, consists of several systems that integrate in the following order within the packaging process:

  • Horizontal pallet strapping system: This initial stage of the line features a horizontal strapping system that includes an edge protector applicator to provide greater protection to the boxes. The horizontal strapper provides a solid and stable base for the load, compacting it into a single block and preparing it for the subsequent stages of the packaging process.
  • Vertical pallet strapping system: As a novelty compared to the previous packaging line, a vertical pallet strapping system has been incorporated to provide additional stability. Vertical strapping secures the ceramic load to the pallet base, ensuring greater fixation during transportation.
  • Ring Stretch Pallet Wrapping system: Next, the automatic stretch wrapping system provides another layer of stability, fully wrapping and securing the boxes. This system is one of the preferred technological solutions for both Grupo Argenta and Ibérica Tiles to ensure load protection respectfully to the delicate ceramic product. Additionally, a double-carriage ring wrapping model has been installed in this second line to enhance packaging speed and efficiency.
Stretch hood packading system for ceramic products pallets

  • Stretch Hood wrapping system: The Stretch Hood packaging system constitutes the final step of the packaging process, providing complete and waterproof protection for the load. This system completely covers the pallet by applying a tubular film, protecting the load against external agents such as dust, moisture, or rain during transportation or storage. This is precisely one of the objectives sought by Ibérica as their loads must withstand the weather conditions during handling and transportation on the country’s roads.
  • Pallet conveying line: Finally, the entire line is connected through a pallet conveying line designed for Ibérica Tiles’ factory dimensions and workflow. In this project, the line consists of an entry system with a centering device before strapping and an exit line with pallet accumulation, both adapted for AGV vehicles and driver-operated forklifts.

Results for Ibérica Tiles

The implementation of this second packaging line has brought improvements for Ibérica Tiles such as increased packaging capacity, as well as greater fluidity and connectivity in the logistics process. Additionally, it has reduced damages during transportation in Mexico and optimized the entire logistical management of their variety of formats thanks to the combination of systems in the new line.

These changes have not only impacted Ibérica Tiles’ operational aspects but have also contributed to enhancing the company’s perception by providing a final product with high-quality packaging in perfect condition until it reaches the point of sale. These results have helped further consolidate the presence of the Castel ceramic brand in the Mexican market.

Ibérica Tiles has expressed us their satisfaction with this second project. In the words of Adrián Ribes, Ibérica Tiles’ Director, “We are very satisfied with the collaboration and work carried out with Innova Group for the installation of our second packaging line. This new project represents a fundamental step in our commitment to technological improvement and offering the highest quality products to our customers.” Joan Campos, Ibérica Tiles’ technical director, also added: “This second packaging line with Innova marks a significant advancement in our operational capacity. We are delighted to collaborate again with Innova Group, our technological partner for packaging lines.”

From Innova Group, our manager Sergio Llidó highlights the importance of the project: “We are proud to collaborate again with Ibérica Tiles on this large-scale project. The implementation of this second packaging line reflects our commitment to providing personalized and cutting-edge solutions that address the specific needs of our customers, thus raising quality and safety standards in the ceramic industry.”

Thank you, Ibérica Tiles, for trusting Innova once again!

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