• July 27, 2022
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Grupo Argenta equips its most technological factory with two Innova packaging lines

Argenta Factoría 5 is designed as one of the most technological production hubs of the ceramic cluster. Total automation, industry 4.0, and sustainability come together in a completely new production plant, launched at the end of 2021. For this ambitious project, Grupo Argenta has once again relied on Innova’s technology to equip the new facility with two complete automated packaging lines connected to its intelligent logistics.

Argenta’s new Factory 5 has been installed next to its Factory 1 in Vall d’Alba (Castellón) and is dedicated to the manufacture of large format rectified porcelain tiles. To respond to its high production needs and format specifications, Innova has completed a project with two complete packaging lines of the “Argenta signature” with the objective of total protection of its porcelain tiles. With this double installation, Grupo Argenta has now 8 packaging lines with Innova, distributed among its different factories in Onda, Vilafamés, and Vall d’Alba, as well as other international projects.

Full end-of-line automation

At the Factory 5 end-of-line, the entire process is fully automated: the product is palletized and transported by AGVs to the packaging lines.  Once the AGV deposits the pallet at the entrance of the respective line, a final packaging process begins, which ensures the best possible support and protection for storage and transport over thousands of kilometers. Once the pallet is packed and sleeved, it is again transported by AGV for logistic storage. All without human intervention.

Thus, in the Argenta Factory 5 project, Innova designed two packaging lines according to the location of the new warehouse and mobility flows between the palletizing and logistics center. The key was all the electronic communication and integration with the automatic transport systems and the adaptation to the different special formats of the new production center.

automated packaging line
Stretch Hood, Stretch Wrapping and Horizontal Wrapping is the Signature Packaging Line for Argenta

The “Signature Argenta” packaging line combination

The project consisted of a double packaging station, with the combination of ” signature Argenta” systems, the same chosen in all its packaging lines for its maximum protection and securing results.

Infeed conveyor line for AGV

The infeed of both lines are adapted for pallet infeed by AGV. In one of them, the input is done directly into the industrial strapping system with an adapted roller conveyor, while in the other one the input is done with a roller conveyor. The AGV automatically communicates to the PLC of the line the pallet format and specific packaging to be applied for that type of pallet.

Horizontal Strapping System with Edge protectors

The horizontal pallet strapping system then compacts and secures the load at various heights horizontally. In the case of requiring edge protectors by type of format, the system includes an edge protector applicator that places them before strapping.

The horizontal strapping point is decisive for the load, as it serves to compact it into a block and make it more uniform and homogeneous for subsequent packaging systems. The goal: greater safety and efficiency in the final packaging.

horizontal pallet strapping system
Horizontal Strapping for compaction and fixation of the ceramic load

Ring Stretch Wrapping System

Next, Innova’s AWR Pro Automatic Stretch Wrapper performs the most complete gripping of Argenta’s ceramic product. With a double film reel system for greater speed, it compacts, holds, and binds the goods to the pallet in a way that respects the ceramic boxes. The pallet wrapping machine also applies the reinforcement cord system that acts as a strap to provide extra security and fixation to the load.

automatic stretch wrapper
Stretch Wrapping offers extra securing and holding to the Ceramic load

Stretch Hood System

Both lines have their pallet stretch hooding system for a faster packaging process. Innova’s Stretch Hood Pro | S2 system provides Argenta’s product with total waterproof protection for indoor or outdoor storage. The Stretch Hood film is one of the most advanced on the market as it is a multilayer LLPDE film with barrier properties against rain, humidity, dust, and UV filters.

The two Stretch Hood systems installed at Argenta have double reels to adapt to different formats and avoid downtime due to reel changes.

stretch hood packaging system
Stretch Hooding fully protects the ceramic load against external agents

Outfeed conveyor line and AGV connection

The outbound conveyor line includes an automatic weighing system that weighs the already packed cargo. This weighing point sends the information in real-time to Argenta’s ERP and to the labeling system included in the same line, which prints the final data on the label.

In addition to roller conveyors, the line is equipped with turning platforms to adapt to the final outgoing flow. The entire packaging station culminates in an external accumulation line for pallet picking by AGV and subsequent fully automated logistic sorting.

automatic pallet packaging station
The outfeed for logistics is totally automated at Argenta

Argenta and Innova, more than technology partners

This project with Argenta – Factory 5 further strengthens the relationship between Argenta and Innova as its technological partner at the end of the line. Argenta has expressed its satisfaction with the results of the new project, in line with its production objectives and final protection of its loads.

Innova is proud to have provided automatic packaging solutions for the last decade for this large ceramic group. Working with such a close partner extends to all the services Innova offers, from the design and installation of the lines to after-sales service as a VIP customer and immediate troubleshooting.

Our mission is to accompany and continue alongside Argenta in its technological trajectory. Our vision is to continue working for a more connected and sustainable industry together with a partner with whom we share values and passion for R&D, sustainability, and people’s talent.

Thanks, Argenta for trusting Innova for this project once more!

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