• March 2, 2021
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Group Castel in Mexico and Argenta Group choose Innova for the packaging line in their new Iberica Tiles Factory

The plant was inaugurated just a few months ago, but Ibérica Tiles is already at full speed producing and serving one of the highest quality stoneware floors in the Mexican country. In this new facility, fruit of the agreement between Grupo Argenta and Castel México, is dispatched the best packaged and protected ceramic product : Ibérica Tiles’ floor tiles travel from Mexico to the entire American continent.

Innova’s new packaging line was installed last summer in the recently opened Ibérica Tiles factory in Salamanca (Guanajuato). This new factory is destined to the manufacture of red body floor and wall tiles In this way, Innova participates once again in a packaging technology project with the Argenta seal, a group with which we work very closely in 4 of its factories.  

The challenge: The latest technology to ensure the security in transportation

From the new team of Ibérica Tiles we were challenged to outfit the new factory with a packaging line oriented to the total securing and protection of their product. The new plant is not only dedicated to the Mexican market but also to the export market and requires the best hold for its transportation by road. For this reason, we proposed the combination of two holding systems: horizontal strapping machine and ring wrapper, which provide a compaction and stability that respects the ceramic palletizing.

Ibérica Tiles also required a system that would provide total protection for the storage and handling of pallets in Castel’s various logistics centers. For this reason, the Stretch Hood system was once again chosen for its advantages of protection against external agents and total impermeability.

The project: The “Argenta” signature packaging line

The project that was installed in Ibérica Tiles was the combination of line that Argenta already has in 4 of its factories in Spain, for its efficiency in pallet securing and total protection. This type of line is designed for the Ibérica Tiles production flows, with a variety of formats and pieces that need special securing. It is composed of:

  • Horizontal Strapping Machine with Edge Corner Applicator:

The horizontal strapping system installed at Ibérica Tiles includes three stations to ensure load compaction:

  1. Vertical edge corner applicator to protect the boxes from strapping and provide a better finish.
  2. Load compactor, to center and compact the product for a more accurate strapping.
  3. Horizontal strapping at different heights, to unify the palletization in a single block, guaranteeing total stability to the pallet.

Argenta’s Factory 3 line shows the operation of the same strapping system with the three options:

  • Automatic Ring Wrapping machine

Next, the Ibérica Tiles pallet passes through the ring wrapping machine. It performs a total fastening that adapts to the contour of the load without damaging it, as well as attaching it to the base of the pallet. The wrapping machine also applies a reinforcement cord to provide greater stability to a product as delicate as ceramic tiles.

  • Stretch Hood Pro 1 S2

Finally, the Stretch Hood wrapping system covers the load completely on its 5 visible sides. Thanks to the type of tubular film and the properties of the Stretch Hood film, this system offers total waterproof protection against external agents such as dust, rain, humidity and even the sun’s rays.

  • Input and output conveyor line

Last but not least, the line also includes a conveyor line of input and output roller conveyors adapted for pallet traffic with AGVs.

The results: Added value for Ibérica Tiles

The Ibérica Tiles project has been manufactured and designed with the dedication and quality that characterize each of our projects in Spain and Mexico. Proof of this is the satisfaction of the Mexican team with the results of the final packaging of their product. Ibérica Tiles has achieved a product with final packaging of quality, safety, brand image and above all added value for its customers.

Innova is proud to participate in one of the most ambitious projects in the Mexican country, the result of the union of two large ceramic groups. We hope to continue the good collaboration with both companies in the future.

Thank you Ibérica Tiles team for entrusting Innova Group!

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